Let glasses multiple cameras, mirror shot to help you easily shoot interesting VLOG

One of the kinds of videos that we watch, it's very immersive, it's like letting the viewer experience it, it's a first-view video.
I think you old drivers should have seen this kind of video from various channels, so what kind of equipment is it used to shoot out?
The product that IDE0007 is going to experience today, named "mirror shot", is just such a small and convenient tool for shooting from the first Angle of view.

It's customary to air the box first.
The packaging box of mirror shot is like a glasses case, which looks high-end. The matching color of black and blue gives people a sense of science and technology.

Open the box, there is a pair of glasses.
MirrorShot is actually a set that includes a camera and a pair of glasses.

It's just a pair of regular glasses. It's a nice looking pair of sunglasses.
The frame is not big, the black edge design, the overall look is very fashionable.

And common glasses do not pass the place is the glasses leg, a lot of glasses legs are very thin, and this glasses is a wide leg design, why is this?

Let's take a look at the camera products of mirror shot, which is the protagonist of this time.
It's basically an external USB camera with a long cable and the device itself is about the size of a finger.

The outside of the head of the camera is wide, with a gold logo and a small hole, which is the microphone.
Mirrorcam is basically a USB device with both camera and microphone external to record video.

The camera's default port is microUSB, but it comes with a Type-C connector, which makes it compatible with any Type of port, but it's not yet available on the iPhone.

In use, the camera is to be installed on the glasses, hanging on the right side of the glasses, the front radian just fit the side of the glasses, and the glasses perfectly fit together, it looks like a whole.

It is because of the change of camera position that the video recording mode of the first Angle of view is realized.
We normally record video by holding a mobile phone in our hands, but mirrorshot directly installs the camera on the glasses. When we look at something, we record a video and record everything we see. This is the shooting principle of mirrorshot.

After wearing the sunglasses, you can see the camera is on the right edge of the glasses, and the black camera and the black sunglasses perfectly integrate, it is hard to find if you don't look carefully, but the defect is that the camera is not wireless design, but there is a data line connected from the ear, a little strange.

The use of mirror shooting requires the cooperation of mobile APP.
Mirrorshoot APP is actually a USB camera recording program, the function is very simple, is to record and take photos.
To use it, you only need to connect the camera, then open the mobile APP and start recording.
However, the camera recording feature must keep the phone's screen bright and cannot be turned off or switched to the background, which is expected to be improved in future upgrades.

Talk about the experience of using this camera product.
The first is the feeling of wearing. Since the camera of the mirror is attached to the outside of the glasses, there is no uncomfortable feeling when wearing them, just like wearing glasses at ordinary times.
The only thing I feel uncomfortable is the data cable. Because the material of the line is hard, unlike the soft cable of the earphone, there is still a pulling feeling. It would be better if I could change it to the soft cable of the earphone.

The second is the shooting effect, the camera pixel of the mirror is certainly not compared with the camera of the phone, the shooting effect is very good in the light of the day, but the effect is general in the night, so it is recommended to use it in the day.
Also, since most mobile phone cameras have an optical anti-shake feature, the mirror camera doesn't, so if you're shooting on the run or if you turn your head frequently, the picture will wobble a lot.

For compatibility, the camera can be used not only on the own sunglasses, but also on any glasses.
It comes with a silicone clip cover, which can be used on the legs of the fine glasses, and it works well.

Finally, let's summarize the experience of this product.
Simply put, a mirrorshot is an external mobile phone camera that hooks onto your glasses to take first-view videos and photos.
It's easy to use and the videos are fun to shoot.
The downsides are a wired connection and a poor night shot, but mirror shots are fun to play, especially because they allow viewers to experience the video as if they were watching it in person.
So to make Vlog shooting more interesting, this camera can experience Oh!