Is there a number problem with Apple's data cable?

First, the conclusion: fake! Reason: because the letter is apple, not app, and I infer that the serial number at the back of the data cable you sent is 100% not in line with the following principle of serial number. It may even be a 14 digit serial number, which is not fake.

There are many kinds of Apple data cables on the market, including imitation, back group, raw material IC and machine dismantling. The raw materials are made according to the original 1:1 material, and they are also divided into 369 and other goods. Only machine dismantling is the best.



Apple's original data cable has a serial number of 12 digits 20 cm away from the plug. As the OEM of Apple's data cable and earphone are in China and Vietnam, there are two versions of in China / in viewnam.

The serial number of Apple accessories can't find any information on the official website, but there will be specific serial number rules. The serial number contains the production date, factory serial number and so on. If your mobile phone is under warranty and the data cable breaks down, take it to Apple's direct store. They will also check whether the data cable is original or not according to whether the date of manufacture of the mobile phone is adjacent to the data cable, and then carry out free after-sales replacement.

So the apple data cable has a 12 digit serial number, and it can also transmit light. Is that positive?

The answer is not necessarily

With the development of imitation technology, now not to mention the serial number, oracle bone inscriptions can be imitated. However, the Shanzhai who takes the goods for a few yuan can do it.

There are only two ways to distinguish the true and false of Apple data cable: 1. See if the original pop-up window will pop up. (the probability of the original pop-up window is very small, unless the chip is broken or the fourth metal point is oxidized and blackened) especially after upgrading the mobile phone system. 2. See how fast the charging speed is.


Of course, for those who are engaged in this field, as long as they use professional instruments to test, they will know what the material is. No matter what kind of original product line, original factory line, after-sales line, physical store packaging line, or apple data cable in the United States, as long as you test it, you will know whether it is true or not.

The left side is the Shanzhai line, and the right side is the original dismantling data cable of 8 generations or above

A lot of Apple data cables on the Internet are 90% fake or factory goods. A large number of orders are swiped, and no real evaluation can be seen. Therefore, it often takes a few months or even days to pop up. The charging is slow, and some poor ones can't even connect to the computer, so it's normal. I believe everyone will encounter them. At present, the real data cable is disassembled by xrgxsm, and the cost is about 30 or 40 yuan. According to the online price of more than 50 yuan, there are still more than 10 yuan to earn, but few people will take the machine to sell, because the profit of imitation is greater. Some take the goods only for a few yuan, and the better imitation is more than 10 yuan. Therefore, whether the data cable is easy to use or not is known only after a period of time.

There are still real apple's data cables on the Internet, but to sum up with a sentence in the industry, there may be only one in a hundred companies. I even see that some pictures of serial numbers of data cable headphones displayed are fake, and it also says that they support various forms of inspection...