Is the charger still working when there is water in it?

Don't use it!!!

First of all, the charger is a device that converts the unsafe alternating current from 110V to 220V to the safe direct current below 20V. This nature determines that safety is very important. In case of electric shock, it must be a high probability of death.

Second, the current chargers are one-time adhesive molding, that is, they are not repairable. This kind of structure has good air tightness and is not easy to enter water. But if water really enters from the USB port, it is difficult to dry or cool. So it's possible that you won't have trouble in a short time, but the hidden trouble can't be completely eliminated. Once there is a problem, the first is that the charging equipment will be damaged, and it will also cause a fire.

Third, the price of chargers is very low now, and many third-party chargers are not necessarily inferior to the original factory. Apple mobile phones don't send chargers, which also shows that you can configure chargers by yourself. So there's no need to risk being electrocuted, causing a fire, destroying a plane and killing people for something worth more than 100 yuan.