Is it necessary to buy Gan charger? Is Xiaomi's Gan charger expensive?

Yesterday, in addition to Xiaomi 10 series mobile phones, Xiaomi also released its own Gan charger, which is now the popular Gan charger.
Gan (gallium nitride) is a new type of semiconductor material, which has super thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance and acid-base resistance. As the material of charging head, it has the characteristics of high efficiency, low heating, high power and small volume, and has more advantages than the same power (non GaN) charger in charging power conversion. Its charger volume is more compact, generally only half the volume of the traditional charger.

So, let's take a few chargers to see if we need to buy Gan chargers, and if Xiaomi's is cheap?
Huawei glory laptop charger
This is a traditional charger, but it's very popular, because Huawei and glory notebook are both type-C charging, so it's very convenient to use this charger, which is generally about 160g, 65W, supports 20V 3.25a, 15V 3a, 9V 2a and so on.

Because it is a standard laptop, there is no need to buy extra, so there is no need to buy a gallium nitride charger, this one is also good to use. But the retail price is 200 yuan, which is quite expensive.
Of course, it is said that Huawei will also use only 92g Gan chargers on high-end notebooks. High end notebooks are standard, so we don't need to buy them separately.
Lenovo lipstick power adapter

From the perspective of volume, we know it's a gallium nitride charger. It weighs 123 grams. The daily price is about 189 yuan. It has a 1.8 meter power cord (1 meter is not enough for notebook). It has 65W power. It's suitable for Lenovo's notebook.
Bess 65W Gan fast charging kit

The price of the 65W charger is 168 yuan, while the price of the 100W cable set with 2 meters is 200 yuan, which is reasonable. Of course, it should be noted that there is no line for the 168 yuan single end, and the cost of the data line is not low.

It has three charging interfaces, the first type-C has 65W, the second type-C has 30W, and the third type A has 30W. It can charge three at the same time, and it will distribute and adjust power. It weighs 120 grams, and it's light. The maximum output current is 5a, which is equivalent to that of Xiaomi.
Anker Gan apple usb-c charger
It's also a gallium nitride charger, but mainly for Apple's iPhone, with a maximum power of 30W and a 0.9m data cable. Its charging head is only 58G, supporting 15V 2a, 5V 3a, 9V 3a, etc. it is suitable for 18W fast charging of iPhone 11 pro, and the type-C to lightning adapter is also certified by apple. Apple accessories, of course, are very expensive. They cost 238 yuan.
It also has a 60W usb-c charger, 132g, and the price is 248 yuan. The key is that it is more expensive without a cable.
Xiaomi Gan type-C charger
Its power is 65W, and its volume is about 48% smaller than the standard adapter of Xiaomi notebook. It is easy to carry for daily use or travel. The charger is equipped with e-marker chip, with a maximum current of 5A. Of course, this 5A should be prepared for Xiaomi 10 pro. It only takes 47 minutes for 10V 5A to reach 50W fast charging.

It also supports iPhone charging, macbook charging, tablet charging and switch charging. With 1 meter data cable, the price is 149 yuan.

In contrast, Xiaomi's model is relatively cheap, and there is no problem in terms of cost performance. At the core, this charger is for the new mobile phone. If you buy Xiaomi 10 pro, it's very good to experience this charger. After all, the mobile phone is 5000 yuan, so it won't be bad.

For those who don't plan to buy Xiaomi 10 pro, it's OK to experience the lightness of Gan chargers, especially notebook computers with type-C charging. Progress after progress is the charm of science and technology.