Is Huawei smart glasses worth starting with

Huawei smart glasses feel that they adopt a minimalist design and smooth curve. There is no button, interface or extra bulge on the whole, which smoothes the surface of the leg. It looks similar to ordinary sunglasses. The frame and lens can be replaced, and IP67 is water-proof, dust-proof and splash proof.

The electronic parts are hidden in the mirror legs, including batteries, chipsets, dual antennas, charging modules, loudspeakers, dual microphones, etc. the microphone supports beamforming, which can ensure clear voice quality even in noisy environment. The loudspeakers are designed with double half open, which can accurately locate and reduce sound leakage. It is said that it can provide studio level stereo experience.

Combined with Huawei mobile phone of Huawei emui 9.1 and its updated system, smart glasses can be transformed into smart voice assistant. By simply double clicking the leg of the mirror, it can complete the operations of answering and hanging up the phone, controlling the music playing, and waking up the voice assistant.

Huawei said it was the world's first device to support NFC Contactless charging, and designed a charging bag for it, in which glasses can be charged wirelessly.

Huawei eyewear smart glasses will be launched this summer, with a domestic price of 1999 yuan.

Huawei VR glasses are very good. You can experience them in the experience store or query the parameter information on the official website

1. Huawei VR glasses, with 95 degree field of view * design, combined with defocus optical technology, expand the range of human vision, so that the vision has no dead angle, and the viewing image is very realistic and clear.

2. At the same time, the use of human bionics design, 700 degree myopia can be viewed without glasses, wearing comfortable, want to experience shock favorite.

Huawei's smart glasses are just a conceptual product, and they don't really appear in the market. According to their publicity, they knew that there would be 5 megapixel cameras, gesture recognition, voice control and other functions, but now there are smart glasses that can realize these functions in China. One is seeu smart glasses, which has 8 megapixel, 720p video, It can continuously record video for 180 minutes, and has a super long standby time of 72 hours. The standby time is longer than that of Google glasses, and its weight is only half that of Google glasses. It can choose from sunglasses and myopia lenses. It has to be said that it is a real smart glasses. At present, it is on the home page of Suning crowdfunding. If you are interested, you can pay attention to it.

Of course, it's easy to use. It can not only take photos, video, call and navigate, but also be used in work. For example, some customs and entry-exit departments use glasses with camera function to register entry-exit personnel. The police's law enforcement process is truly recorded from the first perspective, which is convenient for obtaining evidence. The doctor's operation process can be broadcast live, and experts can provide remote guidance, Students can help each other in exams and transmit answers in real time... Cough, cough, please ignore the last one automatically. However, at this stage, the most suitable application scenarios for these smart glasses are more in the industry. For example, Google glasses, the first one who wanted to cut into daily life, has worked hard for a long time and showed a lot of eyes. After that, it is still determined to go in the industrial direction. The largest order for realmax glasses is also from industrial applications, Lenovo glasses... Lenovo glasses can do a blank that sales said a lot, but things have not seen in kind