IPhone 12 is no longer equipped with charger, how to choose charger? Here's the strategy

To make complaints about the digital ring, iPhone 12 is not a standard charger. It must have a name. No matter how the user tucking it, iPhone does not have a charger. There is only a mobile phone and a usb-c to lightning cable in the product box, and the previous 5V / 1A charger is useless. Users need to buy another charger.

On the other hand, Huawei's mate 40 series, the best mobile phone maker in China, has been on sale for some time. Unlike Apple's iPhone 12, which cancels the charger, this time all the mate 40 series are equipped with chargers. Careful friends will find that this mate40 uses a GaN (gallium nitride) charger with a power of 66W, which is also the most powerful one among all the chargers currently used by Huawei.

Why does Huawei use Gan charger? The main reason is: as the third generation semiconductor material, GaN has the advantages of high charging efficiency, fast heat dissipation and good compatibility. The charger made of gallium nitride material has smaller volume and faster heat dissipation on the premise of ensuring high power. Its performance is far better than that of traditional silicon material charger. It can be said that gallium nitride is the best material to make charger at present.

For iPhone users, PD fast charging has been supported since the iPhone 8 series, and the power can reach 18W. Today's iPhone 12 has upgraded the power to 20W. Therefore, if you are an iPhone user, you can buy Gan fast charging with your eyes closed, because the current Gan chargers on the market support PD fast charging.

Therefore, if iPhone 12 users choose chargers, the professor believes that Gan Gan chargers should be the first choice. Since the beginning of this year, Gan PD fast charging chargers have sprung up in the market. However, in the Gan charger market, most manufacturers have launched more Gan fast charging products with a single usb-c interface, which can only serve the power supply demand of one device at the same time, and the practicability is still limited.

Ugreen, which has been deeply engaged in the field of digital charging, naturally does not fall behind in the layout of Gan chargers. Following the introduction of a single port Gan charger, according to user demand and market conditions, the company has launched a 3c1a four port Gan charger with the maximum charging power of 65W. It is compatible with apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and other fast charging protocols, and can be used for mobile phones, mobile phones, mobile phones, mobile phones, mobile phones, mobile phones, mobile phones, mobile phones, mobile phones, mobile phones, mobile phones, mobile phones, mobile phones, mobile phones, mobile phones, mobile phones, mobile Tablet, computer, switch and other electronic devices are charged at the same time.

The 3c1a Gan charger of lvlian adopts the new Gan x intelligent fast charging technology. On the basis of Gan, it integrates the imported PI chip to balance the "fast charging" and "safety". At the same time, it also solves the problem of fast charging easy to get hot. With the original or MFI certified PD fast charging cable, it can charge the iPhone 12 fast, with the charging power up to 20W and 60% of the power in 30 minutes. It is worth mentioning that this gallium nitride charger is still the first batch of products to obtain CCC + CQC dual certification. If the product wants to obtain CQC certification, it must pass the previous CCC certification before it can be qualified to participate in CQC grading application and testing. This also means that CQC certification is a higher recognition of product quality, the quality and safety standards are higher than CCC, and consumers are more comfortable with using it. Finally, the professor wants to say that the quality of Gan chargers on the market is uneven. After determining their own needs, it is more important to choose the products of regular brands and manufacturers. There is no way to ensure the quality of Gan chargers launched by unknown small manufacturers, and the follow-up service can not be guaranteed, so we must not buy them cheaply.

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