Ignorant, I would like to ask how the data cable of iPhone 12 is used by users. If there is no charging head, I want to buy another charging head

No, no, no, no, now there are still people who turn on the black, and their mobile phones are out of power suddenly!

I really have a deep understanding of this, and I especially don't like charging while playing games, because the head of the data cable will always be put down. It's not only inconvenient to walk, but also painful, which affects the sense of game experience!

Later, I started this Anker nano 20W fast charging game set, and I strongly pushed it! Mobile game players, you must buy it!

Its 90 degree right angle + 9mm super narrow head is designed for the convenience of playing games. It perfectly fits the gesture when playing games. There is no problem of blocking hands! Let you walk more freely!

And its charging speed is awesome. Half an hour will be able to rush about 50 percent, and will never shut down at a critical moment.

Is it unsafe to charge so fast? Don't worry, brothers!

The safety of fast charging is a matter of concern to many people. So I've already popularized the science of safety for you!

It's true that not all fast charging chargers on the market are safe, but Anker is an official cooperative brand of apple. It's sold in both Apple store and Apple's official stores. In addition to the domestic dual certification, Anker has also passed the strict EU security certification and the US electronic product certification center, with full safety score, which is absolutely reassuring.

It is also very good is that it uses the same chip apple, official MFI certification, can be synchronized with IOS upgrade, charging will not pop up affect our points. The price is only half of the original! Cost effective charger

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Now I always take it with me when I go out. Anyway, it's not so small. Old fellow iron, change charger to buy it for me! Buy it, buy it, buy it! Absolutely no problem! Cook thinks that like him, your home is full of Apple chargers, so for the sake of environmental protection, you don't need them. By the way, you can reduce the cost.

But it's just his wishful thinking.

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It is undeniable that there are at least 3-5 chargers in every family, including shaver chargers, Android mobile chargers, bracelet chargers, watch chargers, and kindle chargers. However, most of the chargers used at home are usb-a chargers, and the voltage and current do not necessarily match.

The data cable of the iPhone 12 is usb-c, so most of the users at home can't use the charging head and can only buy it separately.

Due to the limitation of apple, not every charging head can be used. Only the charging head with a special chip can charge better, so as to avoid the failure of the mobile phone caused by abnormal voltage and current.

So even if there are other usb-c charging heads, it is not recommended to use them. After all, more than 6000 mobile phones have been bought, so it is better to use a charging head.