Huwei intelligent eyewear

In China, the most common kind of glasses, literally, is the taste of the crowd. Of course, this may be due to exam oriented education. Thousands of primary school students begin to wear glasses, and they also need to change a pair of glasses in their life. Therefore, every shopping mall has the most. Therefore, from the perspective of market and analysis ability, the design is reasonable, The powerful intelligent silver mirror absolutely has a huge market space, which is the top enterprises that can not be attached to at present, such as Samsung, Google, Microsoft, etc., also began to focus on the research of intelligent glasses, so the intelligent glasses are undoubtedly the main manufacturers of a new battlefield.

On May 11, 2021, Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. obtained the patent authorization of "intelligent glasses and intelligent glasses control system". Cn213182196u, application date: March 2020. According to the patent abstract, the intelligent glasses include a lens body, a shooting part, a telescopic part and a rotating part. When shooting or tracking needs shooting parts, the shooting parts are driven out of the chamber by telescopic parts. There is no need to use the shooting component, and there is no need to enter the place that cannot be shot. The shooting component can be driven into the room through the telescopic component, and users can wear smart glasses in any scene; When the shooting component extends out of the chamber, the rotating component drives the shooting component to rotate to change the shooting direction of the shooting component, so as to increase the shooting angle of the shooting component.

It is worth noting that when the shooting component extends out of the receiving cavity and changes the shooting direction of the shooting component, thus increasing the shooting angle of the shooting component, the rotating component drives the rotation of the shooting component. From the patented appearance image, this smart glasses will add incremental technology based on augmented reality technology, similar to the effect of Google glasses in the near future. Huawei's map is based on augmented reality technology, and Huawei's previously released map is based on cyberverse technology.

The map technology that needs the development of this river map as the core, combined with the AR engine of arengine, Huawei and other technologies, easily integrates the virtual digital world and the stable and high-precision way of the real world. Centimeter level three-dimensional positioning, it can restore the real world 1:1. It is worth noting that so far, there is little news about Apple's ar glasses, but Guo Mingzhen, an analyst at Tianfeng international, said that Apple plans to launch ar glasses in 2025. Huawei is expected to launch ar glasses before Apple, given that it has previously worked with gentle monster to launch eyewear II.

At the P30 series mobile phone conference in Paris on the evening of March 26, Huawei launched a smart glasses, which was jointly developed by Huawei and South Korea's glass manufacturer, general foster. The specific price of Huawei's eyewear smart glasses has not been announced yet, and officials expect it to go on sale in July this year.

Double click the leg of the mirror to play music, answer the phone and call the voice assistant; For example, to play and pause music, you only need to tap the leg of the mirror twice with your fingers. When you call, you can answer the phone by tapping the leg of the mirror twice. However, you need to start the double-click function with the eyewear app that matches the smart glasses. In the app, you can reset the control functions on both sides according to your personal preferences, making the shortcut operation more convenient.