Huawei / Xiaomi / oppo / vivo / Apple (iPhone) mobile data cable purchase strategy

 In 2021 data cable can be said to be the most commonly used digital related accessories in our daily life. Although it is commonly used, after all, the detailed parameter information will not be written on the wire, which makes it easy for us to ignore it. It seems that no matter how much the data cable costs, it can be used together

But in fact, as an indispensable part of data transmission and power transmission, the data line should be taken seriously when choosing, otherwise, whether it is copying data or charging, the effect will be greatly reduced


As I have written many articles about the purchase of data transmission products, it is necessary for me to write one about the data cable

After reading this article, you will have a comprehensive understanding of what points should be paid attention to in the purchase of data line, and be able to select the appropriate data line according to your actual needs

The most important thing to choose a data cable is to look at two aspects: the first is the interface performance, and the second is the cable material

Because the knowledge of interface is rather boring, I'll give you a direct conclusion. If you don't want to see the detailed knowledge of interface, you can see the conclusion directly


First, Apple users:

If you are the latest iPhone 12 series user, I suggest you buy the original apple data cable or the quality guaranteed CTOL data cable first

If you are not Apple 12 users, then I suggest you choose MFI certified and woven data cable, which is more cost-effective and durable

Then there are Android users:

First understand what fast charging protocol your mobile phone supports. If you have special fast charging technology, you can give priority to the original data cable. If you buy third-party wire with higher cost performance, you should pay attention to whether the protocol supports it

If the mobile phone does not support the fast charging protocol, it is recommended to buy a better third-party brand data cable, focusing on the cable material to ensure durability


If you have more than one mobile phone to charge, you can buy a multi in one data cable. Pay attention to the protocol supported by the cable. There are product recommendations below

Hard core warning!!

The following interface knowledge will be relatively boring. If you are interested in understanding it, you can patiently watch it. After watching it, you can have a more comprehensive understanding of the data line support. If you don't want to watch it for a long time, you can also directly pull it down to see the product recommendation

1 Interface performance

The performance of an interface depends on two aspects: the first is the interface type, and the second is the interface protocol


  1. Interface type


At present, there are five types of data line interface


Microusb, USB type-A, USB type-B (not commonly used), USB type-C and lightning interfaces are shown in the figure below, which can be distinguished at a glance


Data lines have two ends. We usually use CTOA and CTOL to express them. CTOA stands for usbtype-c port at one end, USB type-A port at the other end, CTOL stands for usbtype-c port at one end, lightning interface at the other end, and so on. It's very easy to understand. I will also express this when recommending products later


  1. Interface protocol


There are two main interface protocols, the first is data transmission protocol, the second is power transmission protocol


(1) Data transfer protocol


Data transmission protocols are commonly seen in [USB2.0], [USB3.0, usb3.1gen1, usb3.2gen1], [usb3.1gen2, usb3.2gen2] and [lightning 3]. The transmission speed of these protocols is from slow to fast and downward compatible


USB2.0 maximum transmission rate 480mbps (60m / s)


Usb3.2 GEN1 = usb3.1 GEN1 = USB 3.0 maximum bandwidth rate 5Gbps (550m / s)


Usb3.2 Gen2 = usb3.1 Gen2 maximum bandwidth rate 10Gbps (1050m / s)


The maximum bandwidth rate is 40Gbps, which is 8 times of USB3.0


Although the current mobile phone to do wired transmission scene is rare, but a faster protocol will help you at a critical moment


(2) Power transmission protocol


The most common power transmission protocol is PD fast charging protocol. The biggest feature of PD protocol is to support up to 100W power supply, so it is widely used in mobile phones or computers


However, at present, the Android mobile phone camp is full of competition in terms of charging, which has spawned different charging protocols, such as oppo's vooc protocol, Huawei's hypercharge technology, and Qualcomm's QC protocol. Moreover, some manufacturers will make their own magic changes to the PD fast charging protocol, so the competition is extremely fierce, So in the purchase time, we must be clear whether the wire supports the relevant agreement

Only the combination of interface type and interface protocol can determine the performance of this data line

First of all, the microusb interface can only achieve the maximum transmission speed of USB2.0, and the current can pass is only within 2A. It does not support PD charging, so it has been phased out

Lightning is a special interface for apple. Although it is the type of interface apple is using, its performance is only a little better than that of microusb. The fastest data transmission speed is 2.0, and the current is no more than 3a. Although its performance is not strong, as long as apple does not change it, users can only continue to use it, and Apple's data line will have an MFI authentication system, Apple will connect a certified IC in the data line. If the data line is not certified by MFI, the mobile phone will show that it does not support this accessory

Usbtype-c is the highest limit interface type, which can carry all the data transmission and power transmission protocols mentioned above. Android mobile phones are basically using CTOA or CtoC data cable

2 Wire texture

Because of the cost problem, most of the data lines are wrapped with PVC or TPE rubber. The TPE material will be more environmentally friendly, but it is easier to crack. Apple users believe that they will have a deep perception

Therefore, it is not recommended to buy Shanzhai or second-hand data line. Shanzhai data line has poor workmanship and serious fever. The most important thing is that it has security risks. The price of data line is not expensive, so there is no need to save so much money

The above is the data line procurement need to pay attention to the place, and then enter the product recommendation link

iPhone Charger Cable

First of all, put on the official data line link of each company. If the budget is sufficient and you can accept the original price and quality, you can choose the original line. If you want to choose the third party line, please pull it down directly

  1. Apple:

Atol line (suitable for users other than iPhone 12)

CTOL line (suitable for iPhone 12 that supports fast charging)

  1. Huawei (glory)

Data cable + charger, support fast charging:

Single data line link:

  1. Redmi:


 iPhone 12 charger cable


There's not much to introduce about the original cable. Let's go directly to the recommendation of the third-party cable. We recommend the products of apple, Android and duoheyi respectively

  1. Apple data line recommendation:

(1) Netease intelligent Apple certification data line (Atol interface)

With MFI certification, the braided wire is strong, tough and tensile, and the material is dirt resistant. It has three choices: dark at night, silver white and red. It can satisfy users with different preferences. If you want a durable Apple data cable, choose this one