Huawei smart glasses price

It is reported that the price of Huawei smart glasses is from 1999 yuan, and the specific price can refer to tmall flagship store and official website~

Do you mean it's intelligent eyes? It's dim eyes. It's used for watching movies. It's different from the ordinary glasses you imagine. If you buy ordinary glasses, many kinds of intelligent glasses don't need to be bought.

The glasses adopt a minimalist design, the whole does not have a key, there is no extra bulge, second, the appearance looks good. It's similar to ordinary glasses. The orbit and eye piece can be exchanged. Support IP67, waterproof and dustproof. The electronic parts are hidden in the leg. Including battery, chipset and dual antenna. Charging module, loudspeaker, dual microphone, etc. The microphone supports beamforming. Maintain clear voice quality even in noisy environments. The loudspeakers are of double half open design. Accurate positioning, reduce sound leakage. It is claimed that it can provide studio level low power promotion experience.

Quality, only by the consumer inspection and evaluation of excellent goods is really good goods.

Secondly, Huawei glasses have professional inspection and high-end production.

In addition, Huawei's glasses are exquisitely made for every consumer. They are suitable for everyone. Of course, the price level is high.

As the carrier of emerging augmented reality technology, smart glasses can make people have different visual experience through VR technology. While enjoying the benefits brought by advanced technology, we must also admit that compared with ordinary glasses, it has a relatively high cost. Take Epson smart glasses for example, which is equipped with silicon crystal OLED panel. Due to the panel structure, the light guide direction can be changed, and the size of the lens and the light guide plate can be greatly reduced. The head device only weighs 69g, and it is not easy to be tired when worn for a long time, so it can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. With this advantage alone, we can realize that smart glasses are by no means the level of mass consumption. But then again, smart glasses are more expensive, but consumers can consider them from the perspective of cost performance, so they won't feel very expensive.

Everything is good or bad. Everything has its own height. Intelligent glasses are no exception. There are expensive ones and cheaper ones. It depends on whether you need better glasses or cheaper ones. I personally suggest buying better glasses, because eyes are very important organs of our human body, so we should protect them well