Huawei smart glasses change lenses

First, determine the appropriate degree in the center of sight, and then remove the original lens. According to the shape of the original frame, make the same shape lens and install it.

Different types of glasses

The method of lens removal is slightly different, or some glasses cannot be replaced. It's usually pulled in one direction

It came down in the middle

It seems that you can change it by pulling it outward

I just grabbed a corner and pulled it down, then twisted it off! Change to the opposite direction!

I don't know if you're talking about sunglasses or optical glasses. The intelligent glasses of general mentor Huawei include sunglasses and optical glasses. Optical glasses can be equipped with myopia lenses. GM Beijing, Shanghai flagship stores or other optical stores can also be equipped with glasses. Sunglasses do not recommend changing lenses

Check whether the network connection is normal. If it's not about the Internet. That is the circuit damage caused by changing the legs of glasses. Find someone to change your glasses legs and see how they deal with it. Or find after-sales service.

The glasses adopt a minimalist design and smooth curve, without a button, an interface and an additional bulge, which smoothes the surface of the leg. The outside view is similar to that of ordinary sunglasses. The frame and lens can be replaced, and IP67 is waterproof, dustproof and splash resistant. The electronic parts are hidden in the mirror legs, including batteries, chipsets, dual antennas, charging modules, loudspeakers, dual microphones, etc. the microphone supports beamforming, which can ensure clear voice quality even in noisy environment. The loudspeakers are designed with double half open, which can accurately locate and reduce sound leakage. It is said that it can provide studio level stereo experience. With the Huawei mobile phone of Huawei emui 9.1 and its updated system, smart glasses can be transformed into smart voice assistant. By simply double clicking on the leg of the mirror, the operation of answering and hanging up the phone, controlling the music playing and waking up the voice assistant can be completed

In terms of intelligence, it is equipped with double half open loudspeakers, with voice control and bone conduction technology. Even if the surrounding environment is noisy, it can ensure that the voice quality is very clear. In addition, the biggest highlight of this smart glasses is the use of NFC non-contact charging method. It is reported that this is the first time in the world that this technology is applied to wearable devices.