Huawei smart glasses

When it comes to smart glasses, the first thing I think of is iron man's very smart glasses. Iron man Tony left "little spider" with "Edith" glasses. These glasses are also the highlight of the whole movie. They are not only beautiful in appearance, but also have super power characteristics. They can even remotely control tens of thousands of UAVs in space satellites.

After all, it's a science fiction product. However, in real life, I have also experienced a very interesting smart glasses - Huawei X General month eyewear 2020 (hereinafter referred to as "eyewear smart glasses"). Although the intelligent features are not as exaggerated as in the film, its playability is very high. In addition, the new spring and summer eyewear in the near future can be said to attract many technology and fashion lovers. Today, I'd like to take a moment to share my experience with you.

In terms of appearance, Huawei eyewear smart glasses are packaged in pure white double-layer carton, which is very simple. Open the package, you can see that an elegant leather glasses protective cover is also white, but it is worth saying that it is not only a storage function of the glasses box, more importantly, it can also charge the glasses.

Since it is a kind of glasses, first of all, it needs to meet the basic characteristics of a kind of glasses. No matter how smart it is, its appearance design is the first consideration. If it doesn't attract me in terms of appearance, I won't buy it. After all, glasses are mostly used as decorative accessories.

There are two new models of Huawei X General month eyewear 2020 in spring and summer. They are smart my ma 01 and smart her 01, and they are all sunglasses. The main difference is one side and one round. Among them, the new smart my ma 01 adopts a smooth round frame, with smooth and neat lines, unique and exquisite; Smart her 01 is a cat's-eye-shaped frame with a square oversize design, which is quite retro.

The glasses are made of black material with metal connectors. The overall design is very simple. The side mirror legs are all printed with the logo of gene monster, which is highly recognizable. The golden logo of "Huawei" is low-key printed on the inside of the mirror leg. If not for the fact that its legs are slightly thicker than those of the classic sunglasses of the general month, and besides the opening of the micro loudspeaker on the legs, the appearance is basically the same as that of the general sunglasses of the general month. Of course, this can also be said to be the place where the glasses are excellent enough. Instead of the bulky geek style of most smart glasses on the market, they keep the overall coordination and unity as far as possible.

Apart from a pair of loudspeakers and two microphones on the leg of the sunglasses, there are basically no other openings on the sunglasses, so the sense of integration is very strong. At the same time, it also reflects Huawei's design concept that it must add intelligent features on the basis of making enough excellent glasses, that is, it is still a pair of glasses, which can make it easier for us to obtain information and integrate into our life.