Huawei 27W wireless charger experience: a milestone of wireless charging

Huawei's 27W wireless charger is one of the most powerful wireless chargers at present. I choose it not only for its high power, but also for its compatibility with Qi protocol. After all, I haven't got my mate 30 Pro yet. After a period of experience, its advantages and disadvantages are summarized as follows:


Up to 27W wireless charging output power;

Compatible with Qi wireless charging protocol, compatible with most third-party brands of mobile phones, Bluetooth headset products;

Reasonable structure design, excellent heat dissipation and noise performance;

Disadvantages overview:

There is a certain threshold for the use of the maximum output power, which is only compatible with Huawei mate 30 / pro at present;

40W charger is not provided as standard;

The poor appearance design may be a compromise for the structural design.

With the continuous development of mobile phone industry, many technical bottlenecks appeared on mobile phones have been solved one by one, such as screen frame problems, such as processor performance and heat dissipation problems. It is because of the breakthrough of these technical difficulties that make today's smartphones more "intelligent", which has become highly dependent products in people's lives and work.

As a digital technology enthusiast and industry observer, my personal hope is the breakthrough of cell phone in battery technology. The capacity of the battery will directly determine the volume of the battery. It is difficult to plug a large capacity battery under the limitation of the cell phone structure design. However, the power consumption of the more powerful processor performance has no compromise, which seems to be a contradictory topic.

Mobile phone manufacturers undoubtedly saw this problem earlier than us, so fast charging and wireless charging have emerged. Although these two technologies can not fundamentally solve the problem of battery capacity, they can use the phenomenon of consumer fragmentation to use mobile phones, and make full use of free time to recharge the blood back of the mobile phone. Since 2018, the flagship mobile phone has gradually joined the wireless charging function. In the past two years, wireless charging technology is also iterating. Until Huawei mate 30 Pro launch a wireless charger supporting 27W fast charging and corresponding adaptation technology.

The mobile phone I am using is Xiaomi 9 and 1 plus 6. Xiaomi 9 supports the fastest 20W wireless charging. In addition, the follow-up of wireless charging is not very active. At present, the purchase of wireless charger is mainly to solve the charging problem of millet 9. Although it is a thing with a price of 120 yuan, it is not necessary to replace it frequently.

There are many wireless chargers on the market, which can be said to be a variety of mixed, Taobao Jingdong search has dozens of hundreds of pages, and there are also some relatively cheap prices. However, for charger such products, I recommend buying large brands and certified, the first factor to consider is the safety of the Bi unexpectedly.

Considering that in the future, they wanted to change Huawei mate 30 Pro 5g. The students who saw the conference should remember that the mobile phone supports 27W wireless fast charging protocol. To buy Wireless charger on this time node, of course, it needs to buy the most power support at present and can be compatible with the low-power Qi negotiation standard. After consulting official website and other relevant information, Huawei's 27W wireless charger is compatible with Qi protocol, which also dispels my concern.

I usually choose official website, JD or tmall flagship store to buy digital electronic products. The source and after-sales of products are guaranteed, and the products with large amount will also provide invoices. Only the younger brother of Jingdong is still running around the new year, and other express delivery basically has been rested, so I chose to order in Huawei's proprietary store of Jingdong. The purchase process is still relatively smooth, from Shanxi Taiyuan warehouse delivery, to the more remote county town home took two days, if Taiyuan City, it is estimated that the next day to arrive.

In recent years, many Huawei products have been experienced. It is not difficult to find that Huawei has gradually begun to pay attention to the design of product packaging, especially on the consumer product line, which has gradually formed a relatively unified and identifiable packaging style. The overall bottom is white, with a striking product rendering on the front, the full name of the product on the upper left and Huawei's classic logo in the upper right corner.

The function features of this wireless charger are printed in the form of both pictures below, including the maximum 27W wireless charging power, German TUV fast charging certification, Qi protocol compatibility, and the Huawei Super Charge certification mark in the lower right corner.

The box has more detailed functional features, technical parameters and packaging content description printed on the back of the box, and the icon of relevant technical certification and manufacturer information are printed near the bottom.

The contents of the package are also relatively simple, including wireless charger, USB type C interface data cable, usage guide and warranty card.

Huawei has been mainly designing and manufacturing commercial products for many years, so it is relatively weak in appearance design. In recent years, the accumulation of efforts to consumers' products, especially the direction of smart phones and smart home products, has also improved Huawei's aesthetic and finally keeps up with the mainstream of the times, but there is still some gap in beauty.

Take this Huawei 27W wireless charger as a whole, with a round design, diameter of about 90mm, and ABS shell with gray skin texture, and a layer of fabric material of the knitting technology is covered on the front. But personally, I don't like this texture, and there is no big difference from a few cheap cloth sofa on the market, compared with the skin like texture of the small meter 20W wireless charger is much better.

Considering that the contact between the back of the mobile phone and the surface of the wireless charger will cause friction or scratches, Huawei wireless charger has four rubber foot mats raised in the horizontal line from the center to the four directions, leaving a gap of about 1-2mm between the charger and the mobile phone, so as to help the heat generated on the back of the mobile phone to be discharged through the gap in time.


iPhone 12 charger
It is not optimistic to observe the thickness of the whole charger from the side, the official parameter is 20.85mm. However, in order to create a thinner feeling visually, the design of the oblique contraction to the inside is made at the position about 5mm below the side, so that it can be observed from the angle of 45 degrees from the angle of inclination under normal prevention.

Huawei also makes good use of this oblique cut area, and it has three rounds of dense heat dissipation holes arranged. It is complementary to the gap distance at the top of the charger, the preparation of process materials and the cooling fan inside the body, forming a C-type three-dimensional air duct structure, which helps the heat inside the charger to discharge in time and effectively.

It is worth mentioning that the fan built in Huawei 27W wireless charger is an intelligent mute fan. It will automatically switch to night mode during the period from 21:00 to 7:00 a.m. in the evening, reducing fan speed and reducing noise. So even putting it on the bedside at night is not necessary to worry about noise interference, especially for my less sleep users.
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A indicator light is reserved at the front end of the side of the fuselage. The indicator light will be on after the equipment enters the charging state; A type C interface is designed in the groove at the back end of the fuselage side. It is used with the type C cable attached randomly. The width reserved for the interface groove is also very sufficient, and some data lines of the third party can also be used normally.

The outer ring of the contact part of the bottom and the desktop is inlaid with a rubber foot pad with a width of about 5mm to increase the stability of the contact placement with the desktop; The middle circular area is printed with the product nameplate, which records the technical parameters, manufacturer information and relevant technical certification marks.