How to use mobile wireless charger

Principle of wireless charging
In fact, mobile phone wireless charging is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, which generates a changing magnetic field from the changing electric field. The changing magnetic field generates a changing electric field on the receiving coil of the mobile phone to charge the mobile phone. We can think of this technology as a separate transformer, we remove the middle magnet (iron core). Put the coil at the transmitting end and the coil at the receiving end in two separate devices. When the electric energy is input into the coil at the transmitting end, a magnetic field will be generated. When the magnetic field senses the coil at the receiving end, a current will be generated. In this way, we have constructed a set of wireless energy transmission system.

But because we remove the middle magnet, the magnetic field decreases rapidly with the increase of distance, and the distance of electric energy transmission is very short. Generally, it can only have a better transmission effect in the range of a few millimeters to a few centimeters. So it can only be applied to small wireless charging devices with small power, such as our mobile phone wireless charger.

Mobile phone wireless charging is a relatively new charging method, its principle is very simple, that is to separate the primary and secondary of ordinary transformer to achieve the purpose of wireless charging. Of course, the working frequency of wireless charging is relatively high, and even the iron core can be discarded to achieve the function of energy transfer between coils directly.

1. Put the mobile phone with wireless charging function on the wireless charging board, and you can charge it if you place it properly. Note that some wireless charging panels support different mobile phone models, and you should choose the wireless charging panel according to your own mobile phone model.

2. At present, it does not support long-distance charging, but may achieve this technology in the future. What is wireless charging technology? According to a report in the United States, a research institute has developed a wireless charger that can be used for long-distance charging. This charger includes a transmitter with a plug and an electronic receiver. As long as the power supply is within a certain range, it can be transmitted to the terminal equipment with a receiver .

3. Wireless charger uses radio wave to transmit. Radio wave is not only a kind of electromagnetic wave, but also can transmit energy and penetrate the air, which makes wireless power transmission possible.

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