How to save your 18650 battery: xtar pb2c charger evaluation


A year ago, I was going to take a trip to the galaxy of paixueshan in Yunnan during the Chinese New Year holiday. I planned it for a long time, but it was delayed by the epidemic. At that time, the level of management and control was not so high, and there was the idea of forcibly running away. But in retrospect, it is true that health is more important. I bought this xtar pb2c power bank when I was preparing to travel. It's more appropriate to call it 18650 battery charger than power bank. It supports all kinds of 18650 battery charging and output as 5v1a. After a few days of use, it feels good. It's a good equipment, which can save a pile of 18650 batteries at home. It's very suitable for me who need outdoor photography. Here's to share my experience.

It is necessary to buy reasons to shoot galaxy at night. All kinds of flashlights and charging equipment are necessary. There are three or five, ten of them are not too few. So... Flashlight has bought a lot, but trouble comes. A stack of flashlights has a bunch of chargers. Different brands of chargers are different, not uniform specifications, so it is very difficult to match, and space and load are added to carry, Although the battery is also necessary equipment, it can not charge the flashlight. It is not very reasonable to buy a 18650 charger alone, and a two-way plan is needed. Just a few years of battery charge broke in my home, and I was ready to open my DIY charger. However, it was a 26650 battery. It was bigger and couldn't plug into the flashlight. After searching for the accessories, DIY is not good enough, and loose shells can not stand outdoor tossing.


But the flashlight is a clear color 18650 battery, 18650 battery is more common.


The battery of the waste notebook computer, the battery of hand-held stabilizer and UAV battery are 18650 specifications, even Tesla is 18650 battery. The batteries eliminated from the equipment can continue to play the residual heat.


The advantage of 18650 battery is versatility, and the price is very suitable in the case of large use, and the price performance is very high.


Search 18650 battery, find this xtar pb2c portable mobile power charger.

user's experience

Xtar pb2c portable mobile power charger can be seen from the name that the positioning is mainly a charger, and then it can be used as mobile power output, and can charge various devices such as mobile phones, just like the No.5 / 7 battery and charger set we use in daily life. 18650 batteries are also gradually as widely used as the No. 5 batteries we use. Regarding Shenzhen axda Electronics Co., Ltd.:


Xtar originated in 2006, is a Shenzhen R & D, production, sales, service as one of the electronic technology companies. For 12 years, the company has been committed to R & D and production of high-quality intelligent lithium battery charger and LED flashlight and other equipment. With high standard quality control, xtar products have obtained all the major qualification certification in the world, such as CE, UL, FCC, ROHS, etc. At the same time, xtar R & D department has obtained more than 70 patents. In 2018, relying on mature R & D departments and independent production lines, the company gradually expanded the industry layout, and established a global one-stop charging solution company while providing oem/odm business for customers with special needs.


After checking xtar, it is not a small factory in Shanzhai, it has certain technical strength, and has certain technical strength in lithium battery charger and flashlight. No wonder there are such functional collection products as lithium battery charger & charging treasure.


The charger + battery package is purchased, with two 2600mAH 18650 batteries. It is enough for flashlight users. If the demand for charging treasure is high, it is recommended to buy more capacity batteries.


The back of the package contains details with a number of patented technologies.


Xtar charger features:


0V activated lithium battery can save partial over discharge;


The three-stage (tc-cc-cv) charging method is adopted to maximize the battery life;


Current buffer technology: reduce the influence of high current gear or current instability on the battery;


Battery full of 4.2V accurate cut-off;


Anti reverse connection, short circuit, over charge protection, temperature control;


Fire retardant materials;


It is preferred that 0V activated and saved part of the discharged lithium battery. If you don't go out frequently, the lithium battery forgotten to be removed by the flashlight is basically in the over discharge state at last, because several batteries are lost in one year after putting, and they always forget to take out.


The ribbon is designed to be easy to take out and it can easily take and place the battery.


The battery cover uses magnetic absorption design, which is better than the traditional buckle design, avoiding the wear caused by long-term use, but it is slightly poor in air tightness and waterproof, and there will be potential risk of corrosion and leakage when used outdoors.


The size is moderate. Although there is no compact integrated design of charging treasure, the space utilization rate is high, but the battery can be expanded by replacing the 18650 battery. The size of the bare battery is smaller and the carrying is more convenient.


The end is the output and input interface, the output uses USB interface, and the input is type-C, which supports the input and output of 5V 2.1a at the maximum, and the level of the regular moment.


The type-C interface and data line conform to the current trend of type-C, reducing the type of wire to be carried out.


The charging speed is good and basically maintains the level of 5v2.1a.


Different brands of waste lithium battery can also be activated and charged again. After several tests, the battery power has gradually recovered from tens of MAH to thousands of milliampere hours, and it can last for another year or two.


A single 18650 battery can also be used normally, but the current will be limited to about 1a.


The charge and discharge for a long time is stable, without overcharge and over discharge, which is a better protection for the battery.




All 18650 lithium batteries have been put out and filled once, saving many of the batteries that have been abandoned. In general, this xtar pb2c is very suitable for me, and it is also suitable for many 18650 lithium battery users in my home. It can be used again efficiently, and it has a high utilization rate both on travel and daily use.


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Save some of the over discharge lithium batteries and make the over discharge batteries play a new role.


The three-stage charging method is adopted to maximize the battery life, which effectively increases the service life of the battery.


High safety, with temperature control, current control, flame retardant shell, effectively reduce the risk of accidents, can be used safely.


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Only 18650 lithium batteries are supported, other specifications of batteries are not available, and more chargers are expected.


The air tightness of the battery cover is insufficient. Although magnetic suction has better service life and ease of use, it is necessary to pay attention to moisture-proof when using outdoors.