How to cooperate with the hotel?

Since Shenzhen Beidian Technology Co., Ltd. invented the shared charger and laid a large number of code scanning shared chargers (lines) in the market, many people have found the business opportunities here and come to consult the usage of the product, how to charge and how to set it, I would also like to answer some of the charging questions that customers have asked in the process of using.

Why do hotels and hotels cooperate with scan code sharing charger charging line?

The reasons are as follows:
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1. Before the emergence of code scanning shared chargers, hotels need to purchase their own ordinary chargers to provide free service for customers (although they need to charge a deposit).

2. As the charging line of ordinary charger is easy to be broken and worn-out goods, it is necessary to constantly break and purchase new charging equipment to ensure service quality and maintain service competitiveness.

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3. Because the ordinary charger charging line is managed and kept at the front desk of the hotel, it needs to be sent to the guest room when there is the demand of the guest, so it brings a certain labor cost for the hotel.

4. Due to the lack of understanding of electronic products, purchasers are easy to buy Sanwu products, and fail to pass the fire protection level test without CCC certification, which poses a potential safety hazard to the hotel.
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5. Because the charging line of the ordinary charger is damaged in the process of free use to the guest, if you claim for compensation from the guest, the image of the hotel will be damaged, the quality of service will decline, and it will be thankless.