How to connect Huawei smart glasses to mobile phones

After downloading and installing the supporting app, you can easily answer or hang up the phone, and play and pause the audio files by simply double clicking on the leg of the mirror when you are wearing the smart glasses. With this kind of intelligent glasses, our communication will become more comfortable and convenient.

If you wear Bluetooth sunglasses, you can press and hold the Bluetooth function key for 5 seconds to start Bluetooth pairing. When the red and blue lights flash, release your hand; Then turn on the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone, and select auto search for Bluetooth device. After the name of the Bluetooth device is found, the system requires to input the connection password (the password is 0000), and then automatically connect the Bluetooth sunglasses. If the connection is successful, a Bluetooth icon will appear on the screen of the mobile phone. At this time, you can use the Bluetooth Sunglasses function. Only when the connection is set up can you make a call. If you call, the glasses Bluetooth will automatically prompt you to hear the system ring tone of the connected mobile phone. You can answer the call by pressing the Bluetooth key. The maximum transmission distance between Bluetooth and mobile phone is 10 meters

Gentle monster glasses is a brand of glasses in South Korea. Recently, it is very popular for advertising in TV series. However, I prefer European brands, such as super sung from Italy, which is relatively high-grade.

Can be connected, ready to work: installed on the phone storm mirror app or other VR app. If the mobile phone is placed horizontally before the first use, it will prompt the gyroscope to correct.

① Take the IOS version as an example, first start the magic mirror app, then put the mobile phone into the expansion box at the front of the cabin, and then fix it.

② Wear VR glasses, adjust the tightness, and then adjust the pupil distance, until you can clearly distinguish the screen content, to achieve a comfortable wearing state.

③ When you enter the magic mirror app, you can see that there are 3D movies, movies, TV dramas, animation and other categories. In addition, there are rich panoramic videos and photos. The method of use is also very simple. Move the perspective center and select the target you want to select.

In fact, VR glasses have the worst experience effect. You need to put your mobile phone to experience VR effect. VR all-in-one is a headwear device with independent processor and HDMI input at the same time. It has the functions of independent operation, input and output.

To put it bluntly, the smart phone removes the communication module, increases the ability of the display unit, strengthens the position sensing, and makes it into a headwear style device. The principle of imaging is still using the single screen split screen technology, using a simple convex lens to enlarge the display. The experience is better.