How to choose the mobile phone data line? Become a senior data line expert after watching

With the development of science and technology, the popularity of digital products, more and more electronic products are owned by everyone: one mobile phone is standard, some also have multiple spare phones at the same time, plus iPad, laptop, Bluetooth headset, SPORTS BRACELET / watch and other electronic products, each has at least several electronic devices. With more electronic equipment, the corresponding data transmission and charging should meet the daily use needs.

Data lines seem to be less important, but in recent years, the use of poor data lines leads to electronic equipment damage, so it is particularly important to choose a quality reliable data line.


What indicators should be valued in selecting data lines?

1.Choose the data line produced by the regular manufacturer as far as possible


The data line produced by regular manufacturers, whether it is product R & D, production level and quality inspection and testing, has strict process, and the product quality produced is better and safer.

2.Choose data lines with good materials and good workmanship as far as possible.

Small resistance, small heating, complete charging power and safety are necessary indicators for high quality data line. But these indicators need special instruments to detect, and consumers are not easy to see. We can directly choose the brand products of the regular manufacturers. Generally, regular manufacturers will use better quality skin materials or higher purity metals as wires, which are better and safer to use.

3..Select the data line with fine workmanship and product details design in place


The quality of the data line guaranteed will not be poor. The appearance of data line must be more refined and better, at least it must be visible to the naked eye. After all, the workmanship represents the technological level of the manufacturer. Generally, high quality data line is more refined, and the plug part is smooth. The data line of Shanzhai is obviously crude in material, rough in workmanship and burr in plug part.

Some manufacturers do very well in detail of data lines, such as reinforcement at the joints, charging indicator lights, plug protection, tie downs, etc. these manufacturers are actually making products and are trustworthy.

4.Choose a high cost-effective data line.

The standard of selecting data line should be high cost performance, namely: high quality + price is affordable. But one thing to note: cheap price + garbage ≠ high cost performance.

5. Avoid pit: it is not recommended to buy 9 9 9 packet mail data lines in the mountain village, which has potential security risks


2 What are the differences in the appearance of data lines, how to choose? Is the thicker the line, the better?

At present, the line on the market is divided into circular line and flat line from the section. The selling point of flat line is to prevent winding.

There are three common skin materials of data line: pet, PVC and woven wire.

Apple's original line is pet, environmental protection, soft; but the shortcomings are obvious, high cost, not resistant to dirty, easy to crack.

The early data lines used PVC, which is dirt resistant and not easy to crack than pet, and the cost is relatively low, but it is hard and the hand feel is poor. (the data line feel is not really important)

Knitting wire is a lot of materials used by many large brand manufacturers at present, and its main advantages are dirt resistance, wear-resistant and non cracking. Some products also add high-strength fiber, which can pull a ton of cars, known as the pull line. But now there are many unknown brands are also using woven wires, resulting in a mixed state of fish and dragon in the market.

The thickness of data line can not be used as the basis for judging the quality. Some wires are thick only the outer plastic protective layer, but the actual wire material inside is not good, so the thicker the wire is not necessarily the better quality.

3 What is the best way to compare high quality data line with poor quality data line?

High quality data line is relatively complete in structure, better in using materials and trade unions, and there is no situation of stealing work and reducing materials.

The internal structure of high-quality data line is more complete, including outer skin (generally composed of woven wire, TPE or PVC material), and the inner part is equipped with metal wire protection net and aluminum foil shielding layer. The middle part is the conductor. Three tensile fibers are inserted in the conductor, which makes it more efficient and safer to use.

But low cost and low quality data wire generally has no wire protection net and aluminum foil shield, only plastic skin + copper wire, which has large charge loss and can not be guaranteed.

4 Is your data line of better quality than cheap one?

Not necessarily, high prices do not mean good quality, because some bad businesses may be good at inferior. But as long as it is purchased through regular channels (flagship stores or physical stores), this situation is generally excluded.

Cheap data lines are not necessarily of poor quality, because some brands may be engaged in activities for sales. But the premise is that the data line must be made by a regular manufacturer.

5 What is the difference between the data line and the charging line?

Generally speaking, data line can transmit data and charge, while charging wire can only charge. When purchasing, the product details will indicate whether data transmission is supported, and do not buy wrong. But most of the lines on the market support data transmission.

6 How to choose the length of data line?

The length of the general data line is 20cm, 1M, 1.5m, 2M and other options.

Different lines of different lengths are applied in different scenarios. The short 20 cm long line is more suitable for the use of the charging treasure. It is convenient to put in the pocket and bag, and it doesn't occupy the place, and it doesn't need to worry about winding.

The 2-meter long cable is suitable for use when the power supply is far from the mobile phone. It is more convenient to play the phone while charging. But it is not recommended that this is done, and the cell phone heating will affect the battery life.

Even the longest 2 meters will not have a significant impact on charging or data transmission. Choose the length according to your own use scenario. Generally speaking, the longer the line, the higher the price. The length of 1.5m can meet the needs of most people.

7 Is the data line straight or elbow good?

Elbow data line is called game line, mainly when playing games with the horizontal screen charging.

Personal opinion, as long as not to the game is particularly persistent, the remaining 5% of the electricity must be black to the end, no pit teammates, ordinary straight head line will be enough.

If the mobile phone is not good, and often have to take a long time by train, elbow data line is more suitable.

8 Can we buy super cheap data lines?

Purchase is not recommended. The price is cheaper, but it will not be able to work in a few days. It may even burn the charging interface of the mobile phone, and what else may cause fire!

9 Is it necessary to buy data lines with fast charging function?

be necessary.

The fast charging data line needs to be matched with the fast charging head to be useful, and the mobile phone also needs to support fast charging. That is, if you want to charge a mobile phone quickly, the mobile phone, the charging head and the data line should support fast charging, which is indispensable

10 Why does Apple charging line love pop windows? What should I do with it?

Apple pop windows generally have two reasons: the metal part of the plug is oxidized or dirty, and it is just cleaned with eraser. Another reason is that the chip of the data line is black by apple, and then buy another one or contact customer service to change a new one.

Apple data lines are fragile and should be used with caution

11 Is it necessary to buy a three-way data line?

It is necessary to see the use scenarios and personal needs. If there are many electronic devices and different interfaces, it is recommended to buy them. At the same time, the data line of one drag and three is the necessary charging God for the party on business trip. If only one device is charged, a data line with three drag is not recommended.