How to choose mobile phone charger? What are the recommended charging heads in 2021?

No, no, it's 2021. No one doesn't know about Gan charger! Let's first popularize the science of gallium nitride charger!

In short, the traditional ordinary charger, its basic material is silicon, gallium nitride charger material is gallium nitride, gallium nitride charger with power smaller, and better heat dissipation, easy to achieve small volume and large power.

I have studied for a long time and compared some Gan chargers on the market, such as Xiaomi, Nubia, Jingdong, Beisi, Anker and lvlian. After considering the factors of cost performance, power and practicability, I finally bought this gan2 Pro Gan fast charging head from beisijia. If you don't want to study, just follow me to buy this one! In short, this one is to highlight a word - fragrance.

1. Fast charging for 4 devices at the same time

Now basically all mobile phones, pads and laptops are fully equipped, and some of them have Bluetooth headsets and switches. There are too many sockets for charging heads at home, but this kind of charging head is basically supported by all channel electronic products! Compatible with all kinds of fast charging protocol, put it in the living room, the whole family can use it together!

There is also a very humanized point is that it is a rectangular plug on the position, do not worry and other sockets crowded together, waste a lot of space, this detail really love love!

2. 100W four port independent fast charging, intelligent current distribution

In short, if you only use one interface, you will charge your equipment with the maximum power of 100w/60w. If it is two or more interfaces, different modes will be assigned according to different gears. This is a security protection mechanism. If there is a charger claiming that all four ports can meet the requirements of 100W fast charging, you dare not use it, are you?

3. Super small volume

I thought it was almost the same size as Apple's charging head. I bought it back and found it smaller than Apple's laptop.

But it can be a top four ah, before I travel, travel, home need to take fourorfive charging heads, now only need to take this charging head, for friends who don't like trouble with too many things, it is really a saving Gospel!

3. Apple 12 mobile phone fast charging

Now many friends with apple 12 mobile phone have a lifetime pain: the battery capacity is small, and then the charge is slower than that. Compare with the original 5v/1a charger of apple. It can be charged 15% in 30 minutes, but it can be charged to 50% in 30 minutes with the battery. The charging speed is almost 3 times faster!

4. High efficiency heat dissipation, safety and worry free

In fact, many people use the charging ports of these multiple interfaces to worry about the safety problems of heat and explosion. Compared with traditional chargers, gallium nitride can reduce the volume and improve the charging power. Finally, it reduces the loss and reduces the heating. The temperature is lower, the battery loss is lower, and the safety is higher than that of the traditional charger. Explosion often has a greater relationship with the quality of the battery itself.

Moreover, this Gan charger also has special safety protection mechanism. Overvoltage protection + over current protection + short circuit protection + over power protection + electrostatic protection + temperature protection. Beisi is a big brand, which is still reliable! As long as we don't go to buy dozens of pieces of goods on sunset, there will be no such safety problem!

The party at work can consider buying one at home, the company puts one, and doesn't have to run with the charging head and two ends on each back. Who knows who uses it is really fragrant! It is suggested that it is best to buy it in Beisi Jingdong's self-service store! Keep your score a little bit!