How to choose a charger for the iPhone 12 series?

Apple released four new iPhones at 1:00 a.m. Beijing time on October 14, 2020
The 5.4-inch iPhone 12mini
The 12.1-inch iPhone
6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro
6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max

In order to "protect the environment", this year's four iPhones are not equipped with chargers. Before purchasing the iPhone 12, users must purchase a charger by themselves, or order a charger simultaneously with the iPhone 12 on the official website. Apple's original fast charger has now been upgraded to 20W, with a price of 149.
Although the price of 18w243 is much cheaper than that of 18w243, the price is enough to buy a 65W three port charger. In addition to pursuing the original users, it is not recommended to buy this one.
As a user who has used more than ten PD chargers and has six chargers in hand, he said that Apple has many third-party chargers on the market, but they are cheap, bulky, fast charging and multi port, so they often can't have both. At this time, users need to make a choice according to their own budget and the equipment in hand.

I only have iPhone, and I don't want to spend more money. I want to buy a relatively reliable charger at the cheapest price. Which one should I buy?
Zmi18w fast charging head is almost the cheapest Apple fast charging head on the market at present. Recently, the official website has been upgraded to 20W, with no price increase
I have an iPad, but I still don't want to spend more money. I want to buy a charging head that can quickly charge the iPhone and iPad at a relatively cheap price. Which one should I buy?

Is 45 yuan 30W cheap enough? Lvlian is also a brand that has been tested for a long time. There will be no problem with its quality. The price is just a little rough.
I'm not short of money. I want to buy a compact charger to charge my iPhone. Which one should I choose?
It's basically the smallest 20W charger on the market, and it's my own choice.
I'm not short of money. I have an iPhone and an iPad at the same time. I want to buy a charger with small size, foldable plug, easy to carry out and fast charging for both devices. Which one should I buy?

It's about the same size as the original 18W. The plug can be folded. It's what I carry when I go out.
Compare the first generation of airpods
I want to buy a more powerful charger that can charge the laptop, iPad and iPhone. Which one should I choose?

The pricing is very radical. 65W is cheaper than 30W. I use it to power my laptop at present.
I want to buy a charger that can charge two devices at the same time. Which one should I choose?
The maximum output is 65W, support multi port fast charging at the same time, the volume is reasonable, the price is only 99 (the lowest price is 89), is that enough?
Of course, you can't forget MagSafe, but the experience is a little bit worse It's not worth the price of 300 +.

Need to use C-Port charger power supply.
18W charger can not achieve the actual output power of 15W, 20W charger is enough, there is no need to match higher power charger.
20W and above third-party charger can reach the official propaganda of "maximum 15W", there is a third-party charger can be used directly, there is no need to buy the original.
The measured charging power of bare metal is 42% in 30 minutes, which is slightly inferior to the fast charging power of 20W PD.
Wearing a third-party protective case will affect the charging power.
Cooling requirements are not very high, placed on the general desktop is enough. But if you charge in bed, it may not be as fast as 5v1a.
The suction is strong, but it's over with a protective cover.
The handle of the data line is similar to that of Apple's traditional data line, and its durability remains to be tested.
The above are the requirements of most users and scenarios that I can imagine at present. You can choose according to the budget and equipment.
As for the data cable, the iPhone 12 is equipped with a usb-c to lightning data cable as standard. Although the reputation of Apple's original charging package, especially the data cable, has not been very good, if you don't need to carry it out often, you don't need to buy it any more. The original CTOL data cable I bought last year has been used in a fixed position at home for one and a half years without any damage . (emphasis: fixed position. If you put it in your bag and run on your back every day, it will probably break down.)
If you need to go out to carry the user, it is recommended to buy the data line of the material.
Tip: braided wire / trolley wire is mainly to change the external TPE / PVC material into nylon material, or directly add a layer of nylon shell outside the TPE material. The internal double-layer shielding net and double tensile material remain unchanged. Compared with the traditional plastic shell, the data cable is more resistant to bending.
Let's take a look at the knitting process.