How much is a pair of smart glasses

If you go to that kind of high-end shop, thousands of them are not expensive, such as Baodao glasses in Nanjing, Wu Liangcai in Suzhou, etc. But for an ordinary optical shop, it's about 100 yuan.

Everything is good or bad. Everything has its own height. Smart glasses are no exception. There are expensive ones and cheaper ones. It depends on whether you need better or cheaper ones. I personally suggest that you buy better glasses, because the eyes are very important organs of our human body, so we should protect them,

The price range of smart glasses is very large, which is related to the performance of smart glasses. I bought an Epson smart glasses, the price is not cheap, but the effect is very good, when playing games, I feel personally.

As the carrier of emerging augmented reality technology, smart glasses can make people have different visual experience through VR technology. While enjoying the benefits brought by advanced technology, we must also admit that compared with ordinary glasses, it has a relatively high cost. Take Epson smart glasses for example, which is equipped with silicon crystal OLED panel. Due to the panel structure, the light guide direction can be changed, and the size of the lens and the light guide plate can be greatly reduced. The head device only weighs 69g, and it is not easy to be tired when worn for a long time, so it can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. With this advantage alone, we can realize that smart glasses are by no means the level of mass consumption. But then again, smart glasses are more expensive, but consumers can consider them from the perspective of cost performance, so they won't feel very expensive.

Generally speaking, I think this kind of eye can be worth 3000 yuan. In the movie "ace agent", Colin Firth, as an agent, is well-dressed. His suit, Oxford Shoes, shirt, watch, glasses and so on look low-key and ordinary, but there is a mystery behind them.

When Colin Firth entered the huge conference room and put on a pair of plain black frame glasses, the two rows of chairs that were empty were filled with participants. In addition to the visual virtual portrait, in the second half of the movie, the characters only need to tap the right mirror frame to analyze the enemy's situation.