How could a small charger cause a fire in a mansion? Dad evaluation gives you charger purchase strategy

Recently, a fire broke out in a high-rise residential district in Hangzhou, which caused media reports. It was initially determined that the fire was caused by the tenant's charger, which aroused public concern about the safety of the charger.

In this regard, adhering to the original intention of testing for the common people, Dad released an evaluation video on the purchase of safe and practicla chargers, which evaluated the safety of chargers, the harm to mobile phones, and the matters needing attention in the purchase, so as to provide consumers with a guide to the safe use of chargers.

Charger market changes

iPhone 12 charger

As apple, Xiaomi, Samsung, Meizu and other mobile phone manufacturers have cancelled the measures of complimentary chargers, chargers have gradually become like headphones. As a mobile phone accessory product, chargers have become a consumption boom, and the charger equipment industry has also ushered in explosive growth.

The data shows that the global cable charger market is expected to reach US $100 million by 2022; The market scale of wireless charger will reach 100 million US dollars; The market scale of ordinary charger will reach 100 million US dollars; The market scale of fast charger will reach 100 million US dollars.

The vast market space has attracted many manufacturers to enter the charger industry, but some manufacturers do not even have the relevant production qualification, leading to unqualified products into the market, endangering consumer safety.

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Safety first in charger selection

This time, Dad selected 12 representative charger brands on the market, evaluated them from three aspects: whether they hurt the mobile phone, charging speed and safety performance, trying to find out the gap between 145 yuan and Yuan chargers.

Among them, it is particularly noteworthy that during the experimental combustion of four samples, some combustion components fell on the silk paper on the bedding layer, and the silk paper ignited. It shows that the flame retardancy of the shell of these products is very poor. If the internal components of the mobile phone charger are accidentally on fire during use, the shell will accelerate the combustion, causing the surrounding items to catch fire, causing a fire. Maybe this is the reason for the fire of Hangzhou luxury house due to charger problem.

iPhone 12 charger

In addition, dad also popularized the science of how to buy genuine charger tips, one is to use a magnet suction, suction can hold, mostly counterfeit products; The second is to see if the serial number is compliant; The third is to see whether the pin is round and bright; The fourth is to see if the gap of the nameplate cover plate is obvious. Dad evaluation reminds consumers that charger, as an electrical appliance used by everyone, should not only be cheap, but its safety must be guaranteed.

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For a long time, Dad evaluation insists on using a professional and scientific attitude to provide reference strategies for consumers to choose safe and reassuring products, and escort consumers' safety problems in all aspects of home life.

Disclaimer: the market is risky, choose carefully! This article is for reference only, not for sale.