High efficiency wireless charger, three in one wireless charger evaluation of ORICO desktop vertical bracket

With the development of the times, our mobile phones also have more and more functions, among which the less functions are high-end mobile phones that support wireless charging. I think we all know that a mobile phone that supports wireless charging will facilitate us to charge our mobile phones. After a hard day's work, the mobile phone should have no power when we get home. At this time, if the mobile phone does not support wireless charging, it will be convenient for us to charge our mobile phones Wire charging, we just need to put down the phone can be charged, and do not have to plug in the wire, which brings us convenience.

Since my apple mobile phone also supports wireless charging, and I can't afford to buy Apple's wireless charger, I also conducted a series of investigations on the Internet. I also found a wireless charger that is just close to my mobile phone - ERICO zmcl01 wireless charger.


First of all, the packaging is our product model. What I bought is a white vertical bracket three in one wireless charger. There are only two colors in this product, black and white. The color matching may be a little less. I hope the manufacturer can launch more color matching products.

At the bottom of the box are also marked with the product model, name, and various parameters, so that we can more easily understand some of the performance of this product.

Open the box and take out the things inside. In addition to our wireless charger, it's our normal three piece set. There's a more than 1 meter data cable. The color is the same as the product we bought. There are also instructions and warranty cards.

This wireless charger of ORICO adopts the design of vertical bracket, which is very suitable for those of us who like to watch TV while charging. The size of our wireless charger is 120mm * 84mm, which is also very moderate, and it will not affect our daily convenience. The material of the product is ABS, and there is rubber oil on the surface. After treatment, the durability of the product is improved. The double coil fast charging is upgraded, and the charging efficiency is as high as 80%. It's the same when it's placed horizontally or vertically. It's very convenient whether we want to watch a play or chat. As soon as we open our packaging box, we can see the logo and name of the brand on the front of the product. In the vertical bracket design, the upper plate is almost 60 degrees oblique with the bottom plate, which is just suitable for our use.

The whole product is basically coated with anti-skid coating, and the surface is treated with rubber oil, so we don't have to worry about the vibration of the mobile phone when it calls, and the mobile phone will be broken. There is also a rubber ring at the bottom, which also has the function of anti-skid and shock absorption. This kind of double anti-skid can make the product and mobile phone stable even if they are placed on the uneven table.

In terms of charging, this product has three modes, namely 10W, 7.5W and 5W. It just uses the 7.5W wireless charging fast charging of my apple XR. Moreover, Qi standard makes our charging safer, and we can rest assured about the safety. The product has built-in intelligent heat dissipation chip, which can keep the whole process of low temperature without burning. It is not afraid that the mobile phone is very hot when it is picked up, which also ensures our safety when charging. In addition, the wireless charging magnetic field has been upgraded, so that our mobile phone battery will not be damaged. Especially for the apple mobile phone I use, when the battery breaks down, it needs more than 100 original ones to be replaced.

8mm long-distance inductive charging. If I'm afraid that my mobile phone will be broken, I will take our protective case, which will not hinder my wireless charging. Of course, those local tyrants may not think so. They have more money, so they can replace it if it's broken.

The official Apple XR can be fully charged in three hours. Although the charging time is also long, wireless charging can not be so fast. Wireless charging may bring more convenience. After my practical experience, the charging time is close to three hours.

On the whole, this wireless charger is very good in anti-skid and safety protection, but it still has some disadvantages, such as too long charging time and too little color matching, but it does not affect our use. The convenience it brings is also possible to see at a glance. I still give a good evaluation of the overall experience.