High efficiency wireless charger, desktop vertical bracket three in one wireless charger is deeply loved by laofen

With the development trend of the period, there are more and more functions on mobile phones. The less important role in mobile phones is the high-end mobile phones suitable for wireless charging. I think everyone is clear that a mobile phone with suitable wireless charging will facilitate charging on the mobile phone. It is a hard day for all of us to work, When you get home, there should be no electricity on your mobile phone. If you can charge it wirelessly, you can charge by simply putting down your cell phone. Instead of plugging in the wires, it will make it convenient for you.

Because my Apple phone also has wireless charging, because I have no money to buy iPhone wireless charger, I have carried out a series of checks on the network. I found a wireless charger that matches my wechat exactly like that of Orrico zmcl01 wireless charger.


The first to open the packaging is the product sample layout. What we bought is a black stand stand three in one wireless charger. There are only two kinds of gray black and white colors in this product. There are probably few color matching levels. We hope that manufacturers can release a large number of color matching products.

Open the packing box and take out the items inside. Besides the wireless charger, it is all the normal three pieces. There is a color tone of more than one meter mobile phone charging line, just like the products you buy, and there are also instructions and warranty.

This kind of carbac wireless charger is designed with column support frame. It is especially suitable for all the kids who like to watch TV series while charging. The specification of this wireless charger is 120mm * 84mm, which is not easy to harm the convenience of daily storage.

ABS is selected as the material layer of the product, and vulcanized rubber oil has been used on the surface to improve the durability of the product. The double coil is upgraded to charge quickly, and the charging efficiency is 80% and the vertical placement is the same. It is very convenient for us to pursue drama or chat.

The product is mostly coated with anti-skid coating on the ground. The surface of vulcanized rubber oil has been solved. We don't need to worry about the vibration of the phone calls, and break the mobile phone. There is also a silicon rubber ring at the bottom, which is also used to prevent the ground from anti-skid and shock. The two-way ground is anti-skid, which can be rock solid even if the products and mobile phones are placed on uneven tables.

Charging level: there are four ways for this product to be 15W 10W, 7.5W and 5W respectively. It happens to apply the 7.5W wireless charging of my apple x to charge quickly. Qi specification makes our charging safer and everyone can be relieved at the security level.

The product is embedded with intelligent heat discharge integrated IC, which is not hot at ultra-low temperature in the whole process. It is not afraid to hold the phone very hot, and also ensures the security of our charging, and also upgrades the wireless charging magnetic field. In this way, it is not easy to harm everyone's mobile phones, especially the iPhone I use, the charging battery must be replaced with more than 100 authentic products once it is damaged.

The iphonex given by official network must be filled in 3 hours. Although this charging time is also a long time, it is not likely that wireless charging is too fast. Wireless charging is likely to produce more convenience. After my specific feeling, the filling time is close to 3 hours.

Generally speaking, this Ka wireless charger has been well done on the ground anti slip level and safety factor maintenance level, but there are still some defects, such as too long charging time and too few color matching, but it does not harm everyone's application. The convenience it produces is also likely to be seen at a glance. I still get good comments on the overall feeling.