Here is your car super wireless charging station, please receive! 20W wireless fast charging, produced by purple rice

Hello, everyone.
Nowadays, a variety of high-performance mobile phones emerge in endlessly, charging technology is also in constant development, wireless charging has gradually entered our life.

Sometimes, I really can't find the charging line after I have searched every corner. Or, when driving, you need navigation, but driving navigation costs a lot of electricity. The car wireless charging bracket may be the best choice.

Here is a wireless charging bracket from Zimi technology.
The clamping arm of zMi wireless charging bracket is made of zinc alloy, which is solid and corrosion resistant. Optimized structure design, equipped with anti-skid pad, can firmly clamp the mobile phone.

The fixing clip supports the air outlet of most models and is additionally equipped with a flat adhesive base. The operation is simple.

Zinc alloy clamping arm, the width can be adjusted flexibly, support the maximum width of 81mm, the maximum thickness of 10mm. It can be controlled by one hand, and it is more convenient to put and rush.

In daily use, 360 degrees can be adjusted at will, and the use of universal rotary ball can be adjusted at any angle.

When using the bracket, the case can also charge normally, which does not affect the normal function of the mobile phone and does not block the screen.

The wireless charging bracket uses micri USB interface and comes with micri USB cable.

When in use, the normal working indicator light is white and always on.

There are plenty of cooling holes behind the wireless charging bracket to help heat dissipation and improve charging efficiency.

Equipment support: temperature protection, short circuit protection, power protection, over voltage protection, foreign matter protection, etc.

In terms of wireless charging, it is used with zMi car charger in the package, which supports wireless charging with maximum 20W, free of restriction, and then the wireless material is restricted, and it can be flushed once put.

Input parameters are 5v-2a 9v-1.6a 12v-16v-107a Max

ZMi car charger is designed for two ports, and can provide up to 27W charging power when output from red single port. The working temperature is 0-35 ℃.

In terms of compatibility of charging equipment, intelligent compatible with a variety of wireless charging devices, suitable for a variety of models.

Summary: zMi wireless charging vehicle support can support up to 20W wireless charging while meeting the daily on-board function, which is not easy. It is equipped with flat paste base universal rotary ball, which is easy to operate. The clamp arm is made of zinc alloy, and its width can be adjusted flexibly, which is durable and can be adjusted freely with universal ball. The wireless charging bracket uses micri USB interface, uses zMi car charger, and can provide the highest charging power of 27W when output from red single port. It is intelligent and compatible with a variety of wireless charging devices, and it is equipped with multiple security protection.