Gan charger debut Reno ace

Today, oppo released a new high-performance phone, oppo Reno ace, which is equipped with top performance, and provides 65W high-power supervooc 2.0 super flash charging technology. This technology can significantly speed up the charging speed of Reno ace. In our actual measurement, about 28 minutes of screen off charging can fully charge the 4000 MAH battery. And the machine has the emergency fast charging support of fast power replenishment, 5 minutes of charging can actually meet 6 hours of calls, open black game can also fight for another 2 hours.

Oppo Reno ace's supervooc 2.0 super flash charging function needs a matching charger and connecting line. Its charger is light and light in volume, which is equivalent to that of a 30W power charger, so it is very convenient to carry. The most important factor that can significantly reduce the size of the charger is that oppo uses a new gallium nitride material, which has the characteristics of high frequency and high efficiency. It can improve the charging efficiency and reduce the size at the same time. It is the use of this new material that makes oppo Reno ace the first mobile phone with gallium nitride charger in the world. Oppo has a profound technical accumulation in the mobile phone fast charging technology. The supervooc 2.0 super flash charging function supported by oppo Reno ace is not a simple charging power improvement. It also has a variety of technical advantages, such as algorithm, new materials, circuit design, charge pump and so on, which makes the super vooc 2.0 super flash charging fast and safe. Due to its unique series voltage division technology, it continues the previous design idea of supervooc super flash charging dual cell and charge pump, with built-in 2x2000mah double series double 3C cell. In the limit of 65W charging power, the load of the whole battery pack is 10V / 6.5A, but due to the design of series connection, the load of each battery is only 5V / 6.5A, which reduces the load of single battery and makes charging more efficient.

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Oppo adopts the industry-leading battery technology of middle ear (MMT) technology in the battery, which can prevent the electrode from winding around the middle end of the battery pack, reduce the internal resistance of the battery, and further improve the charging power. The battery adopts double BTB interface structure to separate the charging and discharging circuits, shorten the charging path, further reduce the internal resistance of the charging circuit, reduce the heat loss and improve the charging efficiency. The built-in stepless speed change can adjust the voltage and current intelligently. The voltage supports 3v-10v, and the current supports 0a-6.5a. Taking 100mA as a unit, the current can be adjusted flexibly to reduce the heat loss caused by charging.

VC soaking condensing plate is used in the interior for rapid heat dissipation, and the composite carbon fiber ice carbon is filled in it. Its heat conduction efficiency is three times that of silicone grease, which can quickly export the heat from the interior of the fuselage to the surface of the fuselage for heat dissipation, so as to reduce the interior temperature of the fuselage, and continuously and stably carry out high-power charging. This makes oppo Reno ace charging efficient. Even when charging while playing games, it can also charge at a high speed. At the same time, the charging safety is very high, which has been certified by the Rhine side of Germany. In addition, the protection of the battery is very good, after 800 times of charging and discharging, it can still maintain more than 80% of the rated capacity.
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Oppo Reno ace's supervooc 2.0 super flash charging experience is excellent. It needs special charger support, but it also provides excellent compatibility on fast charging. It can downward support vooc flash charging and supervooc super flash charging, and can support PD and QC fast charging, so as to ensure a good fast charging experience in the use of non-standard chargers.