Functional materials for smart glasses

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Google's new smart glasses are made of extremely light titanium,

It is a liquid crystal display screen, which can change color, increase visual field distance, polarize light and prevent backlight.

Apple has recently been exposed to launch a smart glasses, tentatively named Apple glass. From the photos exposed on the Internet, it seems to be similar to the black rimmed glasses that we often see. It's a bit like Conan's, but the frames are a little thicker. Of course, this kind of glasses is not used to anesthetize Maori Kogoro or other people. Its main function is to use in the AR field.

Apple glass is not the same as Google's, and its appearance is the same as ordinary glasses, but the lens can be used as a monitor. Both lenses can display functional content and can only be connected to the iPhone. This glasses has no camera, only a lidar (LIDAR scanner) to measure spatial location and other information, Other data processing is carried out by iPhone, so it should be connected to iPhone all the time before it can be used. If it is separated, it is basically equivalent to a common decorative glasses.

This kind of glasses can not only see the daily chat information, but also see the power and connection of the mobile phone. This kind of glasses is also a bit like the apple watch. Basically, the watch has all the functions it can use. It only needs to input by voice when inputting text. When you want to use some functions, it can operate by voice, You can also use gestures to control, which is a bit like Google glass. There is a touch pad on the right side of the glasses, which is used to select the functions that need to be turned on.

Of course, if bone conduction is added to this kind of glasses in the future, it should also be able to make phone calls or listen to music. Bose has launched a smart audio glasses before, which is not difficult to realize.