For 798 yuan only, it is built for apple, and mophie introduces two in one wireless charging base

Apple doesn't have a charger for the iPhone 12 series, and has increased its wireless charging power to 15W. It can be seen that Apple prefers wireless charging. We can also see many third-party wireless chargers on Apple's official website, such as the two in one wireless charging base launched by mophie, which costs 798 yuan.

Mophie 2-in-1 wireless charging base has passed Apple MFI certification. It has two colors, black and white, with exquisite appearance, smooth mirror appearance and elegant fashion.

Mophie 2-in-1 wireless charging base is mainly iPhone charging base on one side and apple watch magnetic charger on the other side, which can fix Apple watch at an ideal angle to make full use of bedside clock mode. In addition, the usb-a port on the back of the base allows you to charge a third device, such as airports.

The mobile phone and watch charging bracket of mophie two in one wireless charging base are detachable, which is convenient for travel. It can be easily assembled or disassembled with a single press.

The easy-to-use base of mophie adopts multi coil design. It can charge your iPhone with up to 7.5W power, and can choose horizontal or vertical charging mode. Even inverted can charge, small make-up pro test.

Mophie 2-in-1 wireless charging base has reasonable design and versatile appearance. It is very suitable for Apple ecological deep binding users, but the price of 798 yuan is higher. What do you think?