Even if you don't give the charging head, will iPhone consider canceling the charging line?

When the iPhone 12 was released this year, there was widespread controversy over the removal of the charger attached to the package.

Spend 70000, 80000 or even tens of thousands to buy a mobile phone on the official website. As a result, they have to pay extra money to buy a charging head. This is ridiculous!

There are more. Recently, according to foreign media reports, in addition to taking out the charger, Apple may also take out the charging cable from the iPhone box.

In this questionnaire for iPhone 12 series users, the content includes whether to use the included power cord, SIM card pop-up tools and stickers.

On the surface, it is to understand the user's opinions, but actually it is crazy to test at the edge of danger: if we don't object, we can cancel it directly!

This time, we will cancel the charging head. Do you have to buy the system, battery and camera separately by the end of the next time. We all join the apple to "fight a lot"?

Apple, I advise you to drink the tail of the mouse.

However, Jiajia, after calming down, found that Apple's series of actions are not cost-saving, deliberately facing users.

Apple has always been an environmental protection company, and multi production charging line means more waste of resources. As an influential company, it is inevitable that apple is being watched by environmental protection departments.

And, wireless may be a trend in the future.

Apple canceled the distribution of the charging head after the MagSafe magnetic suction charger was launched this year;

Next year's "Xixiang" is said to be equipped with a non charging port design, to achieve the iPhone no gap, charging line is useless.

It is understandable that apple can consider more for consumers while implementing environmental protection and benefiting from it? The more expensive the mobile phone is, the less the configuration, which is not easy for anyone!

If Apple really wants to keep users, it should do good products instead of testing people's tolerance crazy, otherwise it will push users farther and farther.

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