Evaluation of the first domestic zikkol lightning 4 data cable carrying lightning 4 transmission protocol

In our daily life, we often hear similar words like "transmission speed is USB3.0". USB3.0 is about the standard of transmission speed, which is a standard for transmission speed formulated by usb-if. At present, the vast majority of transmission devices in the market follow this naming rule.

However, there are two technology giants that do not intend to take this road. These two technology giants are Intel and apple. In 2011, Intel and apple jointly developed the lightning transmission standard. So far, it has developed to the fourth generation, namely the latest lightning 4.

This is a table made by the author for the transmission specification, in which usb1.0 is not included because it is too long and the transmission speed is too slow. From the table, the latest USB standard is USB4. However, looking at the previous USB standards, the naming is too confusing. Although the names of USB3.0 and usb3.1 Gen 1 are different, the transmission speed is the same. Fortunately, starting from USB4, it is easy to understand.

Compared with the chaotic naming of USB, the naming of lightning transmission protocol is much simpler, from the first lightning 1 to the present lightning 4. Charging 100W, data transmission speed 40Gbps and video output single 8K or double 4K tags make it the peak of the current transmission industry, and also become the focus of many professionals.

Today, the evaluation room of charging head network received the lightning 4 data cable from zikko (instant), a 3C accessory brand in Hong Kong. Loosely speaking, this lightning 4 data cable of zikko should be the first wire supporting the lightning 4 transmission protocol in China.

1、 Zikko lightning 4 data cable packing box

Support the latest lightning 4 transmission protocol, what's the difference in packaging? Let's first understand the performance of wire from the packaging box.

The appearance of zikko lightning 4 data cable can be seen from the front of the packaging box, and several labels around are also important information that can not be ignored.

The information of "0.8m, 40Gbps" in the upper left corner indicates the length of the wire and the transmission speed.

100W and 8K UHD show the power transmission capacity and video transmission capacity of the wire.

"Thunderbolt" on the side of the box ™ 4 cable "also proves that the wire is lightning 4 data cable.

In addition to some parameter information, the back of the packing box also lists the specific differences between lightning 4, lightning 3 and different wire lengths, which is convenient for users to further understand.

For the specific parameters, the name of the wire is lightning 4 / USB4 data cable, which supports the maximum 5A current, the transmission speed is 40Gbps, the weight is about 25g-100g, and the diameter is about 4.6-4.9mm. Through usb-c lightning 4 / USB4, it can enjoy ultra-high speed file transmission, with the maximum speed of 40Gbps per second.

The brand of wire rod is zikko instant and the model is m-tb4200. The product name is zikko (instant) lightning 4 high speed transmission data cable, the material is environmental protection TPE + copper, and the brand agent is instant (China) Co., Ltd.

2、 Appearance of zikko lightning 4 wire

iPhone 12 charger cable

Since it supports lightning 4 transmission protocol, is there any new change in appearance? Let's take a look.

As shown on the package, the body of zikko lightning 4 wire is black, and the wire is bound with two ties, so that it will not be messy in the packaging box.

The close-up of the wire body is smooth and tidy, without obvious burr phenomenon, and the workmanship of the wire is very good.

The two terminal heads of the wire rod are printed with the identification of lightning and number 4, which is also a close-up of supporting lightning transmission protocol. The wire rod supports lightning 4 transmission protocol.

Zikko brand logo is printed on the other end of the terminal head.

Usb-c male head internal close-up, 12 pin pins on the top and down a total of 24 pin pin, belonging to the full pin design.

The power-z km001c is used to read the information of the wire rod. The measured wire supports 20v5a power transmission and 40Gbps data transmission.

3、 Performance test

Zikko lightning 4 data cable solves the tasks of charging, data and video transmission. Let's test it in practice.

  1. The author of power transmission has found a 100W charger to charge MacBook Pro 16 through zikko lightning 4 data cable. The measured power is 93.31w, and the wire supports the charging power of 100 watts.

The measured power is 102.19w. The excellent performance of wire in charge is explained again.

  1. Data transmission speed

Next, I found the USB4 hard disk box of akassis, which is loaded with Samsung 970evo hard disk, and used MacBook Pro with zikko lightning 4 data cable to test the data transmission speed.

iPhone Charger Cable

The measured write speed is 1459mb/s, and the reading speed is 2811.3mb/s, which conforms to the transmission standard of lightning 4.

I believe that there will be some readers who have doubts. The wire supports 40Gbps transmission speed clearly. The conversion is also 4000mb/s. Why is it less than 3000mb / s actually tested? This is because 18gbps of 40Gbps transmission bandwidth is transmitted to video signal, so only 22gbps is left for data transmission.

  1. Video transmission expansion

Zikko lightning 4 data cable supports video expansion in addition to 100W charging and 40Gbps data transmission. That is, it can connect pen and electricity to display through wire rod. Just in the evaluation room, there is a Lenovo small pro14 equipped with lightning 4 interface. The actual measurement can expand the large screen completely without any problems.

After the display parameters are called up, the resolution of the current display is 3840x2160 60Hz 24 bit. Wire supports 4K resolution video expansion.

Charging head network Summary

Lightning 4 transmission protocol is the peak of the current transmission protocol, and its performance in charging, video transmission and data transmission is the strongest at present, so the performance of wire with lightning 4 transmission protocol is also the best.

iPhone 12 charger cable

Zikko can obtain Intel official authorization and launch wire with lightning 4 transmission protocol shortly after Intel launched the lightning 4 transmission protocol, which is enough to see its strength.

Having such high performance performance is bound to be paid attention by many professionals. If users have the needs of charging, video transmission, external display or video docking station in daily life or work, the scene that used to need 34 wires or even need to be matched with expansion dock can solve the problem only by one line. High efficiency, wire rod neat, clean desktop, perfect wire connection solution.