Enjoy the car charger before and after the 4USB, charging 2 times faster without hurting the car, the old driver must!

When you go out, your mobile phone has no electricity, and you can't love it in an instant

As a "severe patient" in the family with low head“
For me, cell phone power must be just needed
Once the power of mobile phone is in a hurry, the mentality will collapse
You can't pay if you can't scan the code online
But also in a state of temporary loss of contact
May miss and delay a lot of important things
Although there is a shared power bank on the street now
But coverage is not everywhere
And it takes time to find the right return point
The car owners can be more comfortable
Plug in the car directly, and you can drive in time
However, most vehicles have cigarette lighters in the front row
There are only two USB interfaces at most
It's a family trip now

There must be more than one or two mobile phones and tablets
These two cars are not enough
In case you unfortunately sit in the back and don't have a power bank
You can only stare when your mobile phone is turned off
In fact, it is not difficult to solve this problem
Only need to install a fast car with four wheels
It can solve the charging needs of all the people in the car
Beisi smart car charger
Four charging interfaces, front and back charging
This Beisi express car is made up of two parts
A front power connector is placed in the front cigarette lighter
There is a snap base at the back, which can be clamped on the storage bag behind the front seat
There are four USB interfaces in front and back
No matter where you are in the car, you can charge it

Even if four people were in the car at the same time
Can also have their own exclusive charging port
I used to charge in the back row, but how long is the connection
It's just barely within reach of the charging port in the front row
There is no such thing as lying down and playing with a mobile phone
Since the four port car charger was installed
Even if you're in a big MPV
Rear charging can also be willful "ge you lie down"
1.5m long connection, meet your 360 degree fancy mobile phone
In the past, I didn't dare to watch movies and play games by car. I was afraid it would consume too much electricity
Now with it, it's always on the road
The king can't turn off the power when he cooks a movie

There's a sudden brake. People can't sit still