Don't panic! Car charger is not an invisible killer

For old drivers, whether they are on daily trips or business trips, there is a long way to go
Navigation, music, chat wechat
Take photos, pay, call
A fierce operation, a look at the power as low as 5%.
The mobile phone has no power, and the soul has no place to place. To solve the charging demand in the car, it is particularly important to prepare a car charger!

However, there are some misunderstandings about car chargers: either they are too smart and think that car chargers will hurt the car's battery and mobile phone battery; or they are too Buddhist and choose car chargers too casually. After using them, they not only charge slowly, but also heat up the mobile phone battery.
Does the car charger hurt the car battery?

The car charger uses the lighting hole of the car lighter as the power socket. It has a safety tube. When the current exceeds the acceptable range, the fuse will blow and play a protective role. As long as the quality of the car charger passes the standard, it will not have too much impact on the car battery.
Will car charger hurt cell phone battery?

The principle of car charger is to convert 12V voltage of cigarette lighter socket into 5V USB voltage and charge electronic products through charging cable. Generally speaking, the car charger is to convert 12V (car 12V, truck 24V) DC into 5-20v DC for car mobile device charging, which is characterized by low power consumption, simple and convenient, cheap price, as long as the voltage and current does not exceed the standard, basically will not damage the mobile phone battery.
Now we all know that as long as the car charger has quality assurance, there will be no problem, but we must not buy it from Buddhism. Otherwise, if we buy inferior products, it may burn out the car fuse and mobile phone. Here we give you the necessary Akihabara car charger for Amway's old drivers.
Appearance: small and exquisite atmosphere, full of luster, full of sense of science and technology, perfect decoration of the car interior environment, the car will set off a more high-end luxury! Power: 12v-24v input voltage, output voltage is 5V, and output current is about 1A ~ 4a, which ensures that Akihabara car charger can be compatible with mainstream models on the market, dual USB socket, and can quickly charge mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices at the same time.
Protection: charging safety must be paid attention to! Akihabara car is equipped with intelligent chip protection, ABS shell flame retardant material protection, shrapnel anti-skid design, anti power failure and other three major safety protection, all aspects of full armed protection!
Shrapnel antiskid
Buddhist users may also want to make a small edition of diss to say: the car has its own USB, which can be recharged. Why buy it?
You know, most of the built-in USB interfaces are designed for data transmission. The current is only 500mA, and the charging speed can be called tortoise speed. It can't meet the charging current standard of mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices, and even makes mobile phones run less and less. If you rush all the time, your mobile phone and car will be damaged to varying degrees, which may cause explosion and threaten life safety.
Spring Festival is approaching, the journey back thousands of miles, with a good car charge, let the mobile phone full 24 hours with you!
Let's start with this kind of car charger, which integrates beauty, function and cost-effectiveness, and makes people feel safe. Let's take the safe "full power" travel together!