Don't mobile phone manufacturers worry about the damage to mobile phones caused by users using inferior chargers when they cancel the complimentary chargers?

Other brands are not clear, just Apple.

Use inferior charger ➕ Non original data cable without MFI certification can cause damage to the mobile phone, in addition to causing the mobile phone to get hotter and accelerate the loss of battery life, the most serious consequence is to burn the power management chip of the mobile phone.

A few years ago, when I was also a retail company, when I was in 6S, some customers said that the machine couldn't be charged, and it was detected that the IC of the power supply had burned down, which was generally caused by the use of a counterfeit cable, especially the charging of some inferior cars.

In fact, the power management chip is not only on the mobile phone, but also on the original or MFI certified data line. Although Apple does not have a charger, the cable is still available for the time being.
ASIC Application Specific Integrated Circuit
Dedicated integrated circuit. That is, authentication chip.
PMU powermanagementunit power management chip
PMU contains
VP (voltage protection) over voltage protection
CP (current protection) over current protection

So use inferior CHARGER + original data line, as long as the data line is good, the general problem is not big.

If there is a problem, you should burn the power chip of the data line first.

The other day, the customer just changed a fast charging line. The customer used a 65W brand of head and burned the power chip of the wire.

Comparison of detection before and after the same serial number and root line

After two layers of chip protection, even if you use a bad charger to really charge the phone, it is usually a year later. At this time, the machine is all protected. What else is the manufacturer worried about?