Don't buy a car charger for the sake of cheapness. There are too many pitfalls. It costs money to destroy the car. Many people suffer losses

The car is a common means of transportation for most families, from daily work to holiday travel will spend a lot of time in the car. But if you want to enjoy a comfortable journey, in addition to regular maintenance, you need to add a lot of things to your car. Let's talk about car charger this time! Send [herdsman] in the dialog box to see the real transaction price!

The car charger seems to be just a small item in the car, but when you really need it, you will know how important it is. After all, most people in today's society can not do without mobile phones, and the rapid consumption of electricity is its death. The existence of car charger makes you not need to worry about the power. Next, let's learn about it!

Basic requirements of vehicle charger
Car charger is generally powered by car battery, which is 12V for cars and 24V for trucks. It is widely used in the field of lithium battery charging of various portable and handheld devices.

Vehicle charger should not only consider the actual demand of lithium battery, but also consider the effect of vehicle battery in harsh environment. Therefore, charger power management IC needs to be equipped with high voltage, high efficiency, high reliability, low frequency chip, which is "Pishi anti build".
Daily maintenance of car charger
The operation of daily maintenance is relatively simple, just follow the attached manual.

If there is any abnormal condition or damage, it can be repaired by professionals. Daily use only need to pay attention to oil, sweat and other stains, avoid contacting the connection point of the car charger.

Due to the low voltage provided by the car, most chargers equipped with overload protection circuit are OK, but they can only be charged when the car engine is started!

Pd3.0 fast charging protocol, it is recommended to match with PD fast charging cable to support the full series of fast charging of iPhone 8-12. 45W total power, charging on the car, full power off the car, to meet the needs of the driver and co driver at the same time fast charging. The USB / type-C port supports a variety of fast charging.

With intelligent control chip, it can automatically adapt the current required by the equipment. It is made of multi-layer metal materials to release the heat generated by the internal components of the car charger quickly.

How to choose?
There are many types of car chargers in the market, and their appearance and performance are different. Therefore, in addition to choosing the appearance you like, you should pay more attention to its own safety and the number of charging interfaces.

Due to the different focus of charger technology, the chargers equipped on different vehicles are obviously different. The selection should be based on the actual situation of the vehicle, so that the service life of the charger will not be lost when ensuring safety.

1. Generally, there are two kinds of input voltage: 12V and 24V, which can't be used with the cigarette lighter.

The voltage of general family car is 12V, most cigarette lighters are suitable. When selecting, you can read the manual carefully or ask the professionals.

2. USB output current: there are three kinds of USB output current: 1a, 2a, 3a. Different electronic devices have their own special current values, which are easy to damage the device when mixed with each other.

When selecting, the output current value on the device should be clear first. If there is no mark, ask clearly to avoid affecting the service life of the charger.

3. Safety protection function: safety is always the first, so we should know whether it is safe enough when selecting. Input voltage, output voltage and current are the first things we should pay attention to when selecting, and then we should know whether the materials used are insulated.

4. USB interface number and additional functions: vehicle charger interface can now be divided into three categories, single hole, double hole and multi hole. Most of them have additional functions to meet our different needs.

There are many necessary items in the car, and the car charger is just one of them. Today, we don't have to pay attention to many functions of GPS, such as charging and maintenance!