Domestic and foreign, a charger can be done, zMi Zimi international travel charger

Those who travel frequently know the importance of volume and weight, and want to bring as few things as possible, but they also want to have a good experience.

There is almost one charging head per person now, even several. But in line with the principle of less things, most people will choose a multi port charger with enough power.

For domestic business people, a multi port, enough power charging head can basically meet the needs of business travel. It can charge laptops, mobile power supplies, mobile phones and so on. But for those who often travel abroad, in addition to the charging head, they also need to bring a converter to convert all kinds of plugs into national standard dual port AC plugs.

But this kind of conversion plug is generally very large, the workmanship is very general, and basically can't be used in the wall, because it can't be plugged. In the face of this situation, Zimi launched a new international charger.

This international charger is based on the conventional charger, the AC plug is made into detachable type, and the main stream of replaceable AC plug is attached, so that it is very easy to use when on business. Moreover, the replaceable AC plug is very compact, and it will not take up too much space with one more, perfect!

2、 ZMI International Travel Charger

The first product of Zimi is the international version of its 65W three port charger. The packaging is still normal white, and the color printing of the charging head is in the middle. Under the charging head, a number of other standard AC plugs are listed.

On the back of the package are the detailed parameters, which list the single port output parameters and multi port output parameters of each interface of the charging head.

The side of the package lists four AC replacement plugs, which are convenient to check when buying.

When opening the package, you can see that the plug is placed separately and the charging head is placed separately.

The content of the manual is very detailed. In addition to the conventional parameter marking, it also introduces the replacement process of AC plug.

3、 Appearance of ZMI International Travel Charger

The appearance of the plug is very beautiful, all black, with transparent plastic sheet on the surface to protect the charging head.

When you take off the plastic sheet, you can see that the upper part of the charging head is mirror, and the lower part is frosted, so the texture is very good.

The charging head supports three output ports, one type-C interface and two USB interfaces.

The tail of the charging head has a parameter label, on which is a foldable AC plug.

There is a button under the AC plug to disassemble the AC plug.

When you press the button, you can pull the AC plug off the charging head, which is very convenient.

Then replace it with a required plug. Here, simply try the British standard plug, push it in gently, press it to the end, and you can hear a click. The installation is very convenient.

4、 Test of ZMI International Travel Charger

The no-load voltage of type-C interface of charging head is 5.13v, which is good.

Test fast charging protocol, support PD, apple 2.4a, QC, FCP, AFC, etc.

The PD voltage has five levels, namely 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V and 20V. The protocol is pd3.0.

The no-load voltage of USB interface is 5.31v, the voltage is great, and the output current should be good during normal charging.

Test fast charging protocol, support apple 2.4a, QC, FCP, AFC, etc.

5、 Summary

Zimi's 65W three port international multi country travel charger is very good. It's absolutely necessary for small partners who need to go abroad frequently. Of course, the plug in the place of going abroad is the best place to support the Chinese, British, American and European regulations. But to tell you the truth, the four kinds of plugs, namely, China gauge, UK gauge, US gauge and European gauge, can basically achieve global coverage, basically!

In fact, this plug is the replaceable AC plug version of Zimi's 65W three port charger, and its output performance is basically equivalent to Zimi's 65W three port charger. Single C port output, maximum power can go to 65W, very awesome, can easily meet the power supply needs of almost all light notebook. C + single U port output, the comprehensive maximum power can be up to 65W, of which the maximum power of C port is 45W, the maximum power of u port is 20W, both support fast charging. In daily life, you can power your laptop while charging your mobile phone or mobile power. C + U + U three port output at the same time, u port maximum output power 45W, U + U maximum output 5V 3a, also good.

Of course, if the maximum output power can reach 85W, the three ports of C + U + u can output 45W + 20W + 20W at the same time. hey.