Does the charging speed of mobile phone depend on charging head or data line? I knew I had been wrong before

As we all know, the charging speed of mobile phone is closely related to the charger. The charger is composed of charging head and data line. Does the charging speed of mobile phone depend on the charger or the data cable? When the charging head or data cable is broken and we need to replace it, the charging speed of the mobile phone will not be much slower than that of the original one due to the wrong selection.

First of all, I will tell you the answer, which has something to do with both the charging head and the data line. What's the specific relationship, and how to choose when one of them is broken, the professor will tell you in detail.


What is the relationship between charging speed and charging head?

When charging a cell phone, the charging head determines the voltage and current. The normal charging head is marked with voltage and current output. For example, if your mobile phone supports 5v/2.4a, that is, 12W charging, if the charging head is broken, you can change a 5v/1a, that is, the 5W charging head to charge the mobile phone, and the charging speed will be slow by more than half.

Of course, most mobile phone brands are equipped with fast charging. Huawei's FCP and SCP are super fast charging, which can be as high as 22.5w or even 40W. In addition, there are qc3.0 fast charging supported by Xiaomi, AFC fast charging supported by Samsung, etc. Therefore, if you want to replace the charging head, you must also see whether the charging head is compatible with the mobile phone fast charging protocol, so as to achieve the fastest charging speed.


Why does the data line also affect the charging speed?

The data line is responsible for connecting the mobile phone and the charging head, mainly responsible for current transmission, so it is inevitable that the charging speed will be affected.

For example, the power of a mobile phone is equivalent to a bucket, the charging head is a tap, and the data line is a water pipe. To fill the cell phone with electricity is equivalent to filling the bucket with water. Since the charging head can not connect the phone directly, it needs to connect the phone through the data line. Therefore, the charging speed is related to the tap of the charging head, and the size of the water pipe of the data line, etc.

At present, the current that the wires of micro USB interface can transmit are generally 2a, but there are some charging lines without signal core wires, which can only be charged and can not transmit data. The current supported transmission is only 500mA. Attention should be paid to when selecting.

The type-C data line generally transmits 3A current, which can be used between brands. Only the data lines supporting Huawei SCP fast charging are more special, and the current supported for transmission is 5A. Because of different type-C interface standards, it is impossible to charge other brands of mobile phones with 5A data line supporting Huawei SCP fast charging. The same charging power of SCP can not be achieved by charging mobile phones supporting Huawei SCP with other brand data lines, and the charging power of SCP can only be achieved.


In addition, the length of data line has a certain influence on the charging speed, and the shorter the data line will be, the faster the charging speed will be. The data lines of mobile phones are 1 meter, but we can match different data lines in different use scenarios. For example, the charging line for mobile phone by charging treasure is recommended to be shorter. It is not necessary to hold the line in your hand too long, and the charging speed is faster.

Of course, if you want to lie on the bed or sofa while playing with mobile phone while charging, this time is more leisurely, without too much consideration of the charging time, you can also use 1.5m or 2 meters of data line, which is long enough and convenient.

Finally, the speed of charging mobile phone is the result of the supplement of charging head and data line. Only if the charging head and data line are selected correctly, the optimal charging speed can be achieved. Of course, in addition to the above mentioned by the professor, the quality of the charging head and data line will have an impact on the charging speed. It is suggested that we choose original or large brands as much as possible to ensure the quality.