Does sharing power bank have data cable

Beidian sharing power bank is a sharing charging leasing terminal developed by Shenzhen Beidian technology. At present, the main business of Beidian sharing power bank is 7-port cabinet, 14 port cabinet, 21 port cabinet and 42 port cabinet of sharing power bank advertising machine. In today's mobile phone power shortage, the market of sharing power bank is more and more popular. Renting sharing power bank has become a very common part of people's life, but There will also be people who want to ask, is there a data cable in the power bank?


yes! There are three data cables in the power sharing charging line, Android, apple and Huawei series data cables, which can basically meet the charging requirements of 99% smart phones on the market.



At present, there are two kinds of power bank on the market. One is the first generation product like Jiedian. A power bank has only one charging line, which can only charge the corresponding mobile phone model. The second one is the second generation product of Beidian technology sharing power bank, and Jiedian. They are all one charging power bank, including three independent charging lines. When we rent the sharing power bank, we must know whether it is self charging It doesn't matter if the data cable of the corresponding model of your own mobile phone is the old version of power bank, and there is only one data cable that doesn't match your own mobile phone model. The general brand has 5 minutes free trial time, so just return it in time.