Do you want to buy the original or the third party? Let me experience it first

Apple has been using apple mobile phones all the time. Recently, Apple bought Apple 12. But it is really annoying and hateful that Apple canceled the charging head in the name of supporting environmental protection. If we really need to support environmental protection according to this logic, is it more environmentally friendly to not produce mobile phones? Of course, gas is returned to gas. The mobile phone still needs to be used. The charging head must be bought. The original charging head originally bought is shared with her daughter-in-law. It is also necessary to buy a company or take it out for standby. Therefore, it is impossible to buy such a expensive original charging head. It is possible to buy a third-party backup.


After a simple comparison and selection by the first rich family, we saw the qcy 20W PD quick charging head after the brand upgrade. Together, we started the charging line of his family. Let's join us to see the quality of qcy charging head that has been making Bluetooth headset products.

The logo and color after the brand upgrade have been redesigned. The yellow and gray color is bright and bright, which is very suitable for young personality. The first time, it gives people a very relaxed and energetic feeling.

The back of the package is printed with the relevant parameters, precautions and the manufacturer of the quick filling head. You can have a general understanding of the product from the packaging.

The quick filling head is a flame retardant plastic shell formed in one body. The surface is sandblasted, and the edge angle is round and smooth, making the overall grip feel good. The two hands are pinched and inserted and not easy to slip. The size of the quick charging head is 59.2x39x12.8mm. The plug is non folding design, which affects the overall size and portability to a certain extent. Of course, the design of the plug is non folding, Smaller size means more complex technology and stricter heat control, but larger space will bring better heat dissipation effect. Therefore, the overall size and heat dissipation effect of qcy quick charging head are treated with compromise equilibrium control.

The fast charging head supports 100-240V wide power input, that is to say, it can also be carried with business trip. However, it may need to take the transfer head. Although the size is small, the output power is 20W, and the fast charging within 20W is supported. It supports 5v/3a, 9v/2.22a and 12v/1.67a three output specifications, which can perfectly adapt to the latest Apple 12 mobile phone.


The traditional type-A plug is limited by the design reasons, and it can not output higher power voltage and current, and it can not realize the function of fast charging. So many mobile phones and fast charging heads have abandoned the type-A plug with larger traditional size, and adopt the type-C interface with more comprehensive functions and plug-in, so that the size can be controlled smaller and the charging speed is faster, Therefore, only one simple and blind plug type-C interface is reserved in qcy fast charging head.

I started with the PD fast charging line of qcy family, which supports the traditional functions of charging and data, supports 3A current and 20W fast charging. The wire is nylon woven wire. The plug is reinforced with folding prevention, and the tensile resistance effect is better than that of ordinary silica gel wire. However, the wire rod will be hard when the woven wire is added.

The wire is c2l type, suitable for Apple mobile phone or flat panel, so this test will use the wire.

The blind plug design of type-C interface is very convenient for plug-in and use. When inserting, you don't have to worry about wrong plug-in. It is more practical for elder people with bad eyes, and can be used only by connecting.

Although the size of qcy quick charging head is slightly larger than that of 10W, the overall control is still good, and the plug-in socket will not affect other sockets, and the plug-in socket can be used simultaneously friendly.

Qcy quick charging head has built-in power management chip, which has functions of over current, over voltage, short circuit and high temperature protection. Intelligent fast charging chip can automatically identify and shake hands fast charging equipment, and supports the maximum 20W fast charging protocol such as pd+qc. Therefore, the fast charging head is specially tested. After testing, it can trigger 5v/3a, 9v/2.22a and 12v/1.67a output specifications, It indicates that the output specification of the quick charging head is not a virtual standard.

I first took Apple 12 for test. Since the smart chip control function built in the fast charging head will automatically adjust the charging mode, the charging protocol will be automatically adjusted in different states. After measurement, when the mobile phone power is relatively low, the fast charging head will enter the fast charging mode. When the power is enough, the fast charging head will enter the standard charging mode, When the equipment is fast full, the fast charging head will enter the low-power trickle mode, and automatically adjust the charging mode without human intervention. This can ensure the charging saturation and more safety, reduce the battery temperature, protect the battery from damage and extend the battery operation.


Although it is not a charge head and charging line certified by MFI, there is no pop window when charging. In terms of charging speed, a simple test is conducted. When the power is 9%, it will charge for about 30 minutes, and the charging power is 60%. Compared with the effect of five fu-a charging head, the effect of the charging head is more than doubled, saving a lot of charging time. When charging, the power will be constantly jumping, Really sigh the charging effect is very fast.

It is also Apple's own product. Mobile phones can be charged and flat plates can be charged. The charging head intelligently matches charging equipment, providing the fastest and optimal charging scheme, and accomplishing efficient and safe charging for the tablet at the fastest speed.

I tested Huawei mobile phone of Android system in my hand. The mobile phone supports 20W fast charging. The charging head can not only charge Apple equipment, but also Android device. The fast charging head can identify the device smoothly and adopt the optimal 9v/2.22a charging protocol to provide a fast and efficient charging scheme for mobile phones.

As a numerical control code, mobile phones, flat plates, charging treasures and other equipment must be brought out. Before going out, it is very inconvenient to bring multiple charging heads and different charging lines. Now, it is only necessary to bring a qcy quick charging head when you exit the station. It can be connected and charged seamlessly with two charging lines, which greatly reduces the weight of travel and loads it on the array, The bag is not messy, and it also saves me a lot of time on the charge.

The qcy charging head purchased at the original price of one-fifth is not only affordable, but the charging speed is faster than the original one. It is really very valuable. Although it is not MFI certification, there is no difference between the use experience and the original one. Therefore, wall strong suggests that you can start a spare one. But in use, I also sent a problem with qcy charging head. Although the volume of charging head is not large, the charging plug is not foldable design. The charging head and other digital products are put in the bag together. The metal pin of the charging plug will scratch the screen of the mobile phone or the surface of the charging treasure, so the plug will be improved in the later version, It is perfect to carry the bag without scratching other equipment.

If you want to match the Apple phone with a charging head, after reading this article, buy original or third party? I believe you have the answer.