Disassembly report: Zimi 33W PD fast charging Gan charger

Mi Xiaomi launched a 33W PD fast charging Gan charger, which immediately attracted the attention of many people with its small and exquisite shape and good cost performance. ZMi purple rice also launched a mini 33W Gan charger in the pace of big brother. This strategy was also used in the release of 20W charger before, and the two brands released products at the same time.

After Xiaobian got Zimi 33W Gan charger, the preliminary comparison with Xiaomi found that the two chargers had the same shape and performance. But we can't jump to the conclusion that the two chargers are the same. After all, the inside of the charger is not visible. Maybe there are some differences in the schemes. Then the next charging head network on the purple rice this detailed disassembly, take a look at the internal specific design.

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1、 Appearance of Zimi 33W Gan charger

The product uses the plastic outer packing box, the whole is gray, the top has the hook design, the front center transparent processing, can observe the charger entity. In addition, zMi logo and CC data cable logo are printed on the top of the front, and the charger name is printed on the bottom.

Charger parameters and merchant information are printed on the back of the box.

The charger is protected by carton inside.

The package contains charger, CC data cable and instruction manual.

The length of the whole cable is about 155cm.

The charger adopts PC flame retardant material, black shell, square shape design, upper and lower cut surface and clear edge. The waist adopts bright and frosted color contrast design, with smooth transition between each side, and 33W words are printed on one side.

The charger adopts fixed GB pin, and the input shell is marked with parameter information.

Model: ha715

Input: 100-240V ~ 50 / 60Hz 0.85a

Output: 5v3a, 9v3a, 11v3a, 12v2.5a, 33W Max

Supervised by: Jiangsu ZIMI Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
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Manufacturer: Nanjing KUKE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Manufacturer: saierkang (Guigang) Co., Ltd

Products have passed the 3C certification.

It is worth mentioning that the 65W Gan USB PD fast charging charger launched by Xiaomi was also developed by KUKE. It can be seen that KUKE has deep attainments in the research and development of Gan Gan charger.
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The charging head network has learned that cypd3175 is a chip certified by the association USB pd3.0 (PPS), which has been used by Acer 60W 1a1c Gan charger, Acer nano 20W and Acer nano 18W, Acer powercore fusion PD super charger, Acer 65W Gan 4-port desktop PD fast charger and other products. At the same time, cypress's fast charging protocol chip can also be used in USB PD fast charging car charging, mobile power supply and other fields, and has been adopted by dozens of power supply products. Summary of dismantling charging head net

Zimi 33W Gan charger adopts PC flame retardant black shell, waist bright surface and frosted color contrast design, with different touch, which can increase user experience. Zimi has its own unique style from packaging to fuselage design. It doesn't directly copy Xiaomi and change its brand.
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However, through disassembly, it is found that the internal design materials of the charger are exactly the same. The switching power supply is composed of PI in3278 main control and aon6262e synchronous rectifier. The protocol chip adopts cypress cypd3175, so the overall materials are solid and reliable. Zimi's 33W Gan charger set also costs 79 yuan, which makes no difference. Therefore, you can buy the corresponding charger for which brand you like, and there is no need to worry too much.