Disassembly report: YOOBAO Yubo 65W 1a1c Gan charger

Recently, the charging head network has obtained the first 65W Gan fast charging charger of YOOBAO Yubo. This charger is equipped with the popular 1a1c interface on the market, which supports 30W and 65W output respectively. When the two ports are used at the same time, the total output power is 57W, which can meet the daily charging needs of pen and mobile phones. The following small make up to share with you the disassembly of this charger, to see how the material inside.


1、 Yubo 65W Gan fast charging appearance


Yubo's 65W gallium nitride charger is designed in square shape, with a combination of matte and bright sides at the waist. The transition between the sides is smooth, and the front is inlaid with 65W power bright silver metal sheet.


The input shell of charger is marked with parameter information


Product model: ry-u65


Input: 100-240V ~ 50 / 60Hz 1.7A


Single port output:


USB-C:5V3A9V3A12V3A15V3A20V3.25A65W Max


USB-A:5V3A9V3A12V2.5A15V2A20V1.5A30W Max


Dual port simultaneous output:


Usb-c output: 5v3a, 9v3a, 12v3a, 15v3a, 20v2.25a, 45W Max


Usb-a output: 5v2.4a, 12W Max




Manufacturer: Shenzhen Ruiyuan Industrial Co., Ltd


Producer: Shenzhen Ruixun Tiancheng Technology Co., Ltd


The product has passed 3C certification.


In addition, the input end adopts foldable GB pin, which is convenient to carry and will not scratch other devices in the bag.


The top of the output is printed with YOOBAO brand, and is equipped with 1a1c interface, black rubber core of usb-c port without copper exposure, and orange rubber core of usb-a port.


The measured height of charger body with vernier caliper is 54.65mm.


The width is 55.52mm. The thickness is 31.4mm.


Compared with apple 61W charger, the volume advantage is obvious.


The intuitive feeling of holding it in the hand.


The net weight of the charger is about 138g.


The output protocol of usb-a port is detected by using chargerlab power-z kt002. The display supports apple 2.4a, Samsung 5v2a and DCP protocols, as well as AFC, FCP and SCP fast charging protocols.


In addition, kt002 is used to test that the usb-c port supports apple 2.4a, Samsung 5v2a, DCP protocol, FCP, SCP, pd3.0, PPS fast charging protocol.


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In addition, the PDO message shows that the C port also has five groups of fixed voltage gears 5v3a, 9v3a, 12v3a, 15v3a, 20v3.25a, and a group of PPS voltage gears 3.3-21v3a.


2、 Disassembly of Yubo 65W Gan fast charging system


Take out the charger from the input shell, and connect the pin and PCB board with wires.


The back of PCB board is covered with thermal conductive adhesive pad and heat sink. The brass heat sink is pasted with insulating tape and fixed with circuit board by soldering.


The components on the front of PCB board are fixed with glue, and the top and side of PCB board are also covered with thermal pad and brass heat sink.


There are four small boards on the front of PCB, two on the primary side and two on the output side. There are two rectifying bridges, y-capacitors and optocouplers on the back of PCB, and the primary and secondary boundaries are obvious.


Through the observation of the front and back circuits, it is found that the 65W Gan fast charge of Yubo adopts the switching power supply, wide range output, synchronous rectification, usb-a port secondary buck, protocol control 1a1c dual port output voltage architecture. Let's start from the input to understand the components.


Summary of dismantling charging head net


YOOBAO Yubo's 65W 1a1c Gan fast charge adopts the conventional square shape design, with foldable pins and 1a1c interface, which is also very mainstream. It has its own ingenuity to inlay 65W bright silver metal sheet on the body. The charger supports FCP, SCP, pd3.0 and PPS fast charging protocols, and has 3.3-21v3a PPS voltage range. Mobile phones of Xiaomi, Huawei, apple and other brands as well as notebook computers can be charged quickly.

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We have learned from the disassembly of the charging head network that the primary stage of this charger is equipped with two small boards. The components on the main board are glued and reinforced, and the front and back sides are equipped with heat conductive pads and brass heat sinks to help heat dissipation. The charger adopts the current mainstream primary controller of Anson ncp1342 and MPs mp6908a, and the switch power supply is composed of innoseco in650d02 Gan power chip and vian synchronous rectifier. Silicon power sp1231fl is the secondary step-down of usb-a port, and British chip ip2726 is used for protocol identification to control the dual port output voltage. In addition, Yuguang and wanjingyuan capacitors are used for input and output filtering.