Disassembly report: Xiaomi Gan charger type-C 65W

On February 13, 2020, Xiaomi officially released the Xiaomi 10pro series mobile phones and some accessories for millions of viewers through online live broadcast. Among them, Xiaomi 65W Gan charger became an important highlight of this conference.

According to Lei Jun, chief executive of Xiaomi, the charger has the characteristics of small size, high efficiency and low heat, and supports the super fast charging of Xiaomi 10pro. It takes only 45 minutes to charge a 4500mAh super large battery from 0% to 100%. Xiaomi has become the first brand mobile phone company to retail Gan USB PD fast charging separately, and the retail price of 149 yuan is a new low in the industry, It has aroused great concern from the industry.

Charging head network purchased this charger at the first time and evaluated it in detail. How to use the internal materials of Xiaomi 65W Gan charger has always been the focus of users' attention. Next, the charging head network will be revealed through the detailed disassembly of the product.

1、 Xiaomi Gan charger type-C 65W appearance

Xiaomi 65W Gan PD fast charging charger adopts a white outer packing box, with the appearance picture of the charger printed in the middle on the front, the orange Xiaomi logo in the upper right corner, and the product name: Xiaomi Gan charger type-c; 65W is printed in the lower right corner.

The inside of the box is lined with paper to fix the charger and protect it in place. The whole package also looks exquisite.

It comes with a usb-c to usb-c data cable, which can be used for charging notebook computers, mobile phones and other devices with usb-c interface.

List of items in the packing box, including charger, data cable and operation manual.

The length of the standard wire is 1 meter. The e-marker information of the wire is read by the chargerlab power-z km001c tester. The wire supports 20V 5A current transmission capacity, which is commonly known as 100W 5A e-marker wire. In terms of data transmission, it supports USB2.0 transmission rate.

Xiaomi 65W Gan PD fast charging charger is made of white PC material, and the surface is coated with piano paint, which is very smooth. Considering the appearance integrity, the charger is wrapped with protective film at the factory. The side of the charger body is arc transition, and the words "Xiaomi 65W" are printed on the screen. The input end of the charger is fixed pin, and the output end is single usb-c port.

The charger's cross-sectional area is slightly larger than a dollar coin, small size, easy to hold one hand, very portable.

The output usb-c interface uses white rubber core, and each side has 8 contacts. Charger pin side printed product brand parameters, model: ad65g, input: 100-240V ~ 50 / 60Hz 1.7A, output: 5V / 3a, 9V / 3a, 10V / 5A, 12V / 3a, 15V / 3a, 20V / 3.25a, 65W max, has passed CCC certification. Manufacturer: Nanjing KUKE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd; Supervised by: Jiangsu ZIMI Electronic Technology Co., Ltd; Factory: Dongguan furuikang Holding Co., Ltd.

From left to right, the three chargers are Xiaomi 65W Gan PD fast charger ad65g, Xiaomi 65W PD charger ad651 and Xiaomi 45W PD fast charger cdq02zm. By comparing the volume and power of Xiaomi's other two chargers, we can clearly feel the advantages of Gan fast charging. The measured width of the charger is about 31mm.

The thickness is also about 31mm. The charger length is about 56.2mm. Many netizens doubt that the long charger is easy to fall off when it is used for wall plug. In fact, it is not, because the volume and weight of Xiaomi charger are relatively small, and the pin side also has enough supporting surface, which can adapt to wall plug and other use scenarios.


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2、 Xiaomi Gan charger type-C 65W is disassembled. First, open the charger shell from the output end, and you can see that the two PCB boards are arranged in L-shape. After opening the shell, the internal PCBA module can not be taken out directly, so the cutting machine can only be used to continue to cut the shell. After removing the internal PCBA module, it can be seen that the periphery is wrapped with a large area of copper, and the input end is supported and insulated with a plastic skeleton. From the output end, a large primary filter capacitor is placed between the two PCB boards, wrapped with Mala tape, and covered with rubber insulating sleeve at the top. The inner side of the copper sheet is pasted with insulating plastic plate and Mala tape, and a heat conduction pad is added at the corresponding position of the chip.

Xiaomi 65W Gan charger uses a planar transformer with a copper foil shield on the outside. The PCB board where the planar transformer is located is also equipped with a synchronous rectifier chip and a synchronous rectifier MOS tube, and silica gel and a small thermal pad are used to enhance the thermal conductivity.

The primary filter electrolytic capacitor and the transformer are fixed by glue injection, and there is a gap between the electrolytic capacitor and the two PCB boards.

Summary of dismantling charging head net

After using Gan power devices, Xiaomi's 65W charger broke through technical barriers and concentrated its volume to 30.8% × thirty point eight × Within 56.3mm, the power density of the product is as high as 1.21w/cm ³, At the same time, the weight of the charger is controlled at 82G, which really achieves high power, small volume, light and portable.

The Xiaomi 65W Gan charger has five fixed voltage ranges of 5V / 3a, 9V / 3a, 12V / 3a, 15V / 3a and 20V / 3.25a, and supports two PPS voltage ranges of 5-11v3a / 5-20v3.2a; At the same time, it can also be compatible with apple 2.4a, Samsung AFC, Huawei FCP, qc3.0, etc. it supports a wide range of protocols and can be compatible with most mobile phones, laptops, mobile power supp lies and other products on the market.

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Through the disassembly of the charging head network, we learned that the reason why Xiaomi 65W Gan charger can achieve a breakthrough in power density is mainly due to the ganfast Gan power chips nv6115 and nv6117 with built-in nano micro semiconductors, and the high-frequency switch is realized with Anson ncp51530 and tiucc28780, which greatly reduces the volume of the transformer. At the same time, this charger output filter uses the chip capacitor, so that the volume is further compressed. In terms of compatibility, cypress's solution is selected. In addition to the conventional protocol, cypd3174 can also realize 50W fast charging for Xiaomi 10 pro.

In terms of heat dissipation, the power devices and transformers inside the charger are designed with heat conduction pads, and the whole PCBA module is wrapped with copper plates to achieve uniform heat dissipation. The whole product with solid materials, fine workmanship, can be called the best charger.