Disassembly report: World of Warcraft Sylvanas wireless charger

When it comes to Netease, many people's first impression is the world of Warcraft game, which is the memory of many people's youth. As early as the end of June this year, Netease Blizzard officially launched a new peripheral of "world of Warcraft" - Sylvanas wireless charger.

This wireless charger uses queen Sylvanas as IP, magic array design and chocolate red color matching, and the queen logo is designed in the center. When charging, it has magic array dynamic light effect, which is very cool. In "world of Warcraft", the Queen's fans are everywhere, a "for the tribe" can make many small partners excited. Next, the charging head network will disassemble this wireless charger to see how to design its interior.

The overall appearance packaging box of silvanas wireless charger adopts realistic dark style. On the left side of the front is the figure of silvanas, and on the lower right corner is the game logo and product name of world of Warcraft Sylvanas wireless charger.

The center of the back of the box is Blizzard logo and array pattern, and there is a product information sticker in the lower left corner.

The package contains the silvanas wireless charger, data cable and instruction manual. And even the user manual is designed with the "world of Warcraft" logo and array pattern, which is very attentive.

The data cable is tied up with rubber ring, the cable is white, and the twill is designed on the cable body to increase the handle.

Sylvanas wireless charger adopts disc design and chocolate red color matching. On the top of the fuselage, the words in the game world of Warcraft are on the periphery, followed by the skeletons with bows and arrows in a circle, and the Queen's emblem is designed in the center, forming the whole Sylvanas array. Products are designed around the core IP of world of Warcraft Sylvanas.

The back of the fuselage is Blizzard logo and product parameters

Company information: Hangzhou Netease yanxuan Trading Co., Ltd

Product Name: World of Warcraft Sylvanas wireless charger

Product model: yx-ms88

Product input: 5v2.4a, 9v1.67a

Product output: 5v1a, 9v1.1a


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In addition, the bottom edge of the fuselage is also provided with 6 anti-skid pads, and the bottom is fixed with screws.

The side of the fuselage is equipped with a light guide and a USB micro interface.

The measured diameter of disc body is about 21cm by vernier caliper.

The thickness of the fuselage is about 1cm. Turn on the power, put on the mobile phone for wireless charging, the lights will light up from outside to inside, and the array will start. The combination of technology and vision, dynamic lighting design, very cool.

Disassembly of silvanas wireless charger

There are screws under the anti-skid pad to package the fuselage shell. The upper and lower fuselage shells can be separated by removing the screws.

A light guide shell is fixed on the top cover, and an annular isolation plate is arranged on the light guide shell to prevent the light from passing through, so that the normal array can emit light orderly and regularly.

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The PCB board is fixed on the bottom fuselage shell with fixing posts.

Bottom shell at a glance.

The front of PCB board is equipped with star pattern, and multiple LED lights are arranged. Four driving ICs are used to drive them to make them emit light regularly and dynamically; Place the wireless charging coil in the center.

There is foam support under the coil to make room for wireless charging circuit layout.

Open the wireless charging coil, there are two chips and a blue resonant capacitor below.

Summary of dismantling charging head net

There is magic array on the top of Sylvanas wireless charger, with built-in LED light. When wireless charging, the light will be on dynamically until the magic array is fully activated, which is very cool to use. In addition, the design of the packing box is also exquisite, which is also an important part of the memorial. Wireless charging supports 5v1a and 9v1.1a output, which can be used by mobile devices meeting Qi standard, including 7.5W for Apple mobile phone and 10W for non Apple mobile phone.

Through the disassembly of the charging head network, it is found that the wireless charging coil is placed in the center of the PCB board, and the wireless charging circuit is below. The design is ingenious and will not affect the layout of LED lights. The layout of the LED lights fits the magic array of the shell to ensure that each text and icon can light up normally. The LED lamp is driven and controlled by Shenzhen fullman electronic tc5020a to achieve dynamic lamp effect. The fuselage shell is provided with an isolation plate to avoid light between layers.