Disassembly report: satechi 100W 2c1a Gan fast charging charger

Recently, the charging head network got a 100W Gan fast charging charger from satechi, which has its own power cable and 2c1a interface. Both usb-c ports support 100W PD fast charging, and the single port output performance is exactly the same. It can be used blindly. As a desktop charger, it is convenient for users to charge daily. In addition, it also supports 60W + 30W dual port charging strategy. Let's disassemble this charger in detail and take a look at the internal design materials.

1、 Satechi 100W Gan charger appearance satechi 100W Gan charger comes with a power line, and the line body is separated. Therefore, the power line of corresponding specifications can be replaced according to different regions, and the external use is more convenient.

The power cord is bundled with magic tie.

The plug pin is American Standard.

Both ends of the cable are treated with bending resistance, and this end is provided with a convex tooth, which is convenient for plugging. In addition, the cable specification is 7a 125V and has passed UL certification. The length of the whole power cord is about 123cm.

The main body of this Gan charger is gray, the body is flat, the surface is frosted, the corners are rounded, and the top surface is printed with satechi brand. The bottom four ends are provided with rubber pads to prevent slipping.

The charger parameters are marked on the side

Model: st-tc100gm

Input: 100-240V ~ 50 / 60Hz 2A


USB-C1/C2:5V/9V/12V/15V3A、20V5A,PPS:3.3-20V5A(100W Max)

USB-A:5V2.4A(12W Max)

Dual port output (C1 + C2)

USB-C1:5V3A、9V3A、12V3A、15V3A、20V3A(60W Max)

USB-C2:5V3A、9V3A、12V2.5A、15V2A、20V1.5A(30W Max)

Three port output: 60W + 30W + 12W

The input end adopts 8-type interface, and the product has passed the certification of ETL, FCC, CE, PSE and RoHS.

The output end adopts black shell, equipped with LED indicator and 2c1a interface. The black rubber core of usb-c port does not expose copper, and the blue rubber core of usb-a port. The length of fuselage measured by vernier caliper is 95.41mm.

The width is 66.01mm.

The thickness is 32.03mm.

According to the charging head network, PI's powigan series chips have two models: sc1933c and sc1936c. Sc1936c's products include lvlian 65W 4C port Gan charger, McDowell 2c1a 65W Gan charger and Byz 2c1a 65W Gan charger. In addition, sc1933c's products include Belkin 30W Gan charger, Netease Zhizao 61W Gan charger, and so on Beisi 45W 1a1c Gan charger, Anke 60W 1a1c Gan charger, ravpower 61W Gan USB PD charger and other products.

In addition, PI high integrated fast charging chip is also used by Samsung original 45W USB PD fast charging charger, Xiaomi 9 mobile phone 27W original charger, oppo original 65W Gan fast charging charger, Google pixel mobile phone standard USB PD charger and other dozens of products, and its performance has been widely recognized by customers. The transformer is wrapped with insulating tape and information label is pasted on the side.

Blue y capacitor close up. At the output end, the synchronous rectifier tube is fixed on the heat sink with screws, the two usb-c motherboards are vertically welded with protocol boards, the 2c1a interface is used for independent secondary step-down output, and the corresponding step-down inductors, filter inductors and capacitors can be seen on the front.

The secondary synchronous rectifier is from China Resources Microelectronics (Chongqing) Co., Ltd., model crst074n10l2, NMOS tube, withstand voltage 100V, conductivity 6.8m Ω, The pins are covered with magnetic beads to suppress interference. USB PD protocol chip adopts huinengtai husb350. This is a high-performance and highly integrated USB typec power delivery controller, which integrates pd2.0, pd3.0, PPS, qc2.0 / 3.0, AFC, FCP, bc1.2, DCP, 5V / 2.4a and other charging protocols; Suitable for power adapter, car charger, mobile power supply and other applications; Support sop-14l and qfn-16l.
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Huinengtai husb350 has been used by Yubi 18W fast charging charger, Locke 65W Gan PD fast charging, femto 65W USB PD Gan charger and ABB four bit USB output 18W PD fast charging socket. In addition, huinengtai's PD fast charging protocol chip has been adopted by dozens of products of Jingdong jingzao, beierjin, tulas, Nanfu and many other brands.

Summary of dismantling charging head net

Satechi 100W Gan fast charging charger has a flat body and round corners. It is equipped with a power cord and adopts a wire body separation design. At the same time, it supports a wide range of voltage input all over the world. It can be used in a wide range of areas. It can be carried to all places by replacing the power cord. The two C ports not only support 100W PD fast charging, but also have 5A PPS voltage range and good compatibility. Usb-a port supports 12W output and can charge small devices.
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Through the disassembly of charging head network, we know that as a 100W high-power charger, it is equipped with PFC boost circuit and controlled by PI pfs7628c; The switching power supply is composed of PI high integrated main control chip sc1936c and Cr micro synchronous rectifier; Two C-Port secondary buck output scheme is exactly the same.

The dual C ports adopt the Dexin eup3268b with the Weizhao and Taide MOS transistors for secondary voltage reduction, and the output voltage is controlled by the huinengtai protocol chip husb350; The usb-a port adopts British chip ip6503s for secondary step-down and 5V constant voltage output. The whole circuit board is wrapped by copper sheet, and heat conduction stickers are set on the front and back sides of the circuit board to conduct heat to the shell, so as to reduce the temperature rise. All internal components are fixed and filled with glue, stable and reliable.