Disassembly report: Samsung AFC dual port fast charging car charger ep-l1100

Not long ago, Samsung just released its latest flagship model in the second half of the year, the galaxy note10 series mobile phone. Note 10 supports 25W fast charging, while note 10 + can support 45W fast charging, and is downward compatible with 25W and 15W fast charging power.

But what Xiaobian is talking about today is not Samsung mobile phone, but a Samsung car charger. The appearance design of this car charger is very fashionable. In terms of performance, it also adopts a high-cost dual port independent output design, which can meet the fast charging needs of two mobile phones at the same time. This car charger not only supports Samsung AFC fast charging protocol, but also is compatible with qc2.0 protocol, which is suitable for Samsung, Xiaomi and other brands. Here is the detailed disassembly of Samsung's two port car charger.

1、 Appearance of Samsung AFC dual port fast charging car charger

Samsung car charger is packaged in rigid plastic with hook design. The front of the box is printed with the logo of Samsung. The product picture is printed on the sticker and marked with the words of dual USB 15W fast charging.

There is a sticker on the back of the box. There is a lot of bar code information on the sticker.

The inside of the packing box is also lined with plastic, so the packing is light and the protection effect is very good.

In addition to the pure black car, there is also an instruction manual in the box.

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The body of the car is pure black, and the logo of Samsung is printed on the side. The body finishing adopts two-stage design, the head close to the output interface adopts aluminum alloy shell, the tail is made of PC material, and the surface treatment process similar to frosting is adopted, so that the overall appearance of the shell is more harmonious.

The parameter information of the product is printed on the opposite side of the logo, model: ep-l1100; Input: DC 12-24 V; Output: 9V / 1.67a, 5V / 2A; Production date: May 2019.

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The product has passed KC certification.

High gloss surface treatment process is added to the edge of the output metal shell to avoid the influence of metal right angle on the handle and make the product look more delicate.

There are two usb-a interface brands at the output, and the words fast charge are printed in the middle.

There is a circle of atmosphere lamp around the output end, which will be bright blue when the power is on.

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The output protocol of one of the usb-a interfaces is detected by using chargerlab power-z kt001. The display supports USB DCP, qc2.0 and AFC.

Another usb-a interface also supports USB DCP, qc2.0 and AFC.

2、 Disassembly of Samsung AFC dual port fast charging car charger

Another usb-a interface also supports USB DCP, qc2.0 and AFC.

2、 Disassembly of Samsung AFC dual port fast charging car charger

The front input end of PCBA is equipped with a filter capacitor and two inductance coils, which are fixed and cooled by silica gel, and the positive electrode is equipped with flying wire to reduce the resistance.

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The input filter adopts capxon Fengbin electrolytic capacitor, 35V 100 μ F。

The back of PCBA is coated with heat dissipation silica gel.

Scrape off the silica gel, and below it is the main control chip of ICSI ip6525t car charger, with built-in protocol identification. Samsung car charger uses two ip6525t, so as to realize two independent output control.

Yingjixin ip6525t is a step-down converter integrated with synchronous switch, which supports four kinds of output fast charging protocols. It has built-in power MOS, the step-down conversion efficiency is as high as 98%, the input voltage range is 9.6V to 32V, and the output voltage range is 3V to 12V. It can provide 18W output power at most, and can automatically adjust the output voltage and current according to the identified fast charging protocol, Typical output voltage and current are 5V / 3.4A, 9V / 2.0A and 12V / 1.5A, which can provide complete solutions for vehicle charger, fast charging adapter and intelligent plug-in.

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Summary of dismantling charging head net

Samsung's dual usb-a port on-board fast charging charger adopts dual port independent fast charging design, each interface supports 15W output, and supports AFC and qc2.0 fast charging protocols, which can charge two mobile phones quickly at the same time. For Samsung users, this is a good choice.

From the point of view of disassembly, there is not much to say, because the internal structure of this car charger is very simple, which is fully due to the adoption of two British chip ip6525t car charger chips, built-in MOS, integrated buck and protocol identification functions, which saves a lot of peripheral materials and makes the PCB design easier.