Disassembly report: MOMAX q.power plug three in one charger

Nowadays, with the increasing demand for charging, charging forms have become more diversified, especially for friends who often go out for a long distance, how to solve all the charging problems through a charging device is the key that many manufacturers are trying to solve.

MOMEX MOMAX q.power plug three in one charger not only supports 18W PD and QC fast charging, but also has built-in 6700mah battery and supports wireless charging. It not only can be used to charge the mobile phone, but also can be used as a power bank. It also supports wireless charging, which saves the trouble of plugging in the cable. This charger for business people who often go out, a charger can solve all the charging problems, very convenient.

1 MOMAX q.power plug three in one charger

Let's take a look at the packaging of this charger first. The box still adopts the classic design style of MOMEX, with white background and black characters to highlight the selling point information. In the middle is the appearance display of the product. The side is the main selling point of the product: 4 times the traditional charging speed, 18W pd3.0 fast charging, maximum 10W wireless charging.


On the back of the box are the slogans of some products, with 6700 MAH, AC / type-C two kinds of line charging, wireless charging logo.


On the other side is part of the product parameter information.


Open the box on the front and you can see the charger inside.


The charger is located in a transparent plastic tray, which can provide good protection during transportation.


Package content: multifunctional charger, instructions, product brochure, product warranty.


The charger adopts a more square shape, the surface is made of black plastic material, and the handle is delicate and not easy to be stained with fingerprints. The corners are rounded, and the handle is comfortable.


The side of the charger adopts sandwich structure, and in the middle is a USB type-C charging cable.


The product name plate is printed on the back, and the detailed parameters of the product are as follows:

Model: ip93

Battery capacity: 6700 MAH (24.8 wh)

Rated capacity: 3800mah

AC input: 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 0.7A

Type-C input: 5V / 3A 9V / 2A 12V / 1.5A

Type-C output: 5V / 3A 9V / 2A 12V / 1.5A

Type-C (line) output: 5V / 2.1a


Usb-a output: 5V / 3A 9V / 2A 12V / 1.5A


Wireless charging and output: 5V / 1a, 9V / 1A


Total output: 20W


iPhone Adapter

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The charger has a national standard folding pin on the side and a power button on the side.


On the other side is a usb-a output interface and a usb-c bidirectional fast charging interface. The maximum output power of both interfaces is 18W.


The usb-c charging cable is designed to be retractable. It can be hidden in the side crevice when not in use, and can be taken out when needed.


The biggest difference of this three in one charger is that it can not only support wired charging, but also support up to 10W wireless charging output. It is very suitable for business trip or travel, but does not want to bring a lot of chargers and power bank. Using chargerlab power-z kt001 to test usb-a protocol, it shows that it supports apple2.4a, usb-dcp, qc2.0 / 3.0, Samsung AFC, Huawei FCP fast charging protocol.


iPhone Charger Adapter

Test usb-c port, display support apple2.4a, usb-dcp, qc2.0 / 3.0, Samsung AFC, Huawei FCP fast charging protocol, consistent with the performance of usb-a port.


Switch to PDO message detection interface, display support pd3.0 protocol, with 5v2.4a, 9v2a, 12v1.5a three gears.


The wireless charging aging test fixture is used to test, and "PPP" is displayed, that is, it supports ordinary 5W, apple 7.5W and Samsung 10W. After Huawei's mate30 Pro is put on, the screen also displays two lightning icons and the current power, indicating that the wireless fast charging is in progress.


The product supports Apple's 7.5W wireless fast charging, and the iPhone can be put on to enter wireless charging. The volume is compared with apple 87W charger.


The net weight of the charger is about 230g.


2 Disassembly of MOMAX q.power plug three in one charger


The upper cover is fixed with glue and buckle, which is very firm.


The solder joint of input line also has glue insulation.


When the power input plug is removed, the internal space utilization rate of mobile power supply is very high.


From the front, the internal circuit board of the mobile power supply is divided into two parts, the upper part is the wireless charging part, and the lower part is the AC input part.


Summary of charging head network


This MOMEX MOMAX q.power plug three in one charger can not only charge the mobile phone directly through the AC socket, but also act as a power bank. After the power is removed, it also has a built-in power of 6700 MAH, with its own usb-c charging cable, which can charge the mobile phone anytime and anywhere. What's more, it also supports up to 10W wireless charging output, which saves the trouble of plug-in. When charging, it is worth mentioning that due to many interfaces and charging forms, it can also charge multiple devices at the same time, which is very convenient to use. In terms of performance, the total output power of the charger is 20W, and both usb-a and usb-c ports support 18W fast charging.


It can be seen from the disassembly that this three in one charger has a reasonable design. The AC input part has a special isolation room to ensure the safety in use. The built-in British collector ip5328p battery charge and discharge management IC supports 18W fast charging to meet the fast charging needs of mobile phones. The built-in British collector ip6808 wireless charging transmitter has simple peripheral components and supports a variety of charging protocols, Wireless charging is also appropriate.