Disassembly report: huakelong 18W USB PD fast charging charger

Hkl huacolon is a professional manufacturer of chargers, mobile power supplies and power adapters. The main task of huacolon is to produce chargers of various specifications. According to the charging head network, huakelong electronics has launched a number of PD fast charging chargers, and the products have been certified by China Quality Certification Center CCC.

Recently, we got an 18W USB PD fast charging charger hkl-usb66 from huakelong. This product is smooth, small, light and easy to carry, which can meet the daily fast charging needs of iPhone 11 users. Now we will disassemble the charger to see how the materials are used.

1、 Appearance of huakelong 18W PD fast charging charger

This 18W USB PD fast charging charger of huacolon has a simple design style. The surface of the charger is treated with bright baking paint. It is smooth and white with a good hand feel. The smooth arc transition between the sides is convenient for use.

The input shell is marked with the product parameter information: model: hkl-usb66; Input: 110-240V ~ 50 / 60Hz 0.5A; Output: 5V / 3a, 9V / 2a, 12V / 1.5A; Manufacturer: Shenzhen huakelong Electronics Co., Ltd; The product has passed 3C certification.

According to the charging head network, there are also products manufactured by huakelong, such as aifukaiwu 18W USB PD fast charging charger, usams youshengshi 18W 1a1c USB PD fast charging charger, Benks bunkers 30W USB PD charger, Benks bunkers 18W USB PD charger, etc.

The top surface of the output is slightly concave, the center is equipped with a usb-c interface, and the black rubber core does not expose copper.

The thickness is equal to the diameter of one yuan coin, and it is equipped with fixed GB pin.

The net weight is about 48g.

The output protocol of usb-c port is detected by using chargerlab power-z kt001. The display supports apple 2.4a and usb-dcp protocols, as well as qc2.0/3.0, AFC and FCP fast charging protocols.

In addition, the PDO message shows that the usb-c interface also supports the USB pd3.0 fast charging standard, with three fixed voltage ranges of 5V / 3a, 9V / 2a and 12V / 1.5A.

2、 Disassembly of huakelong 18W PD fast charging charger

The input end shell is disassembled, and the shell is packaged by ultrasonic welding process at the edge.

The PCB board is taken out, the transformer is wrapped with blue insulating Marla tape and fixed with glue, the usb-c interface is vertically welded on the main control PCB board with protocol board, and other components are orderly welded.

At the input end of PCB board, the fuse resistor is covered with heat shrinkable tube.

Close up of safety x capacitor. According to the charging head network, PISEN Pinsheng 18W USB PD fast charging charger is also used as the product of Tianyu fp6606c. In addition, yushengshi 18W 1a1c USB PD fast charging charger, Zimi 45W 1a1c PD fast charging vehicle charger, Zimi 10 Pro mobile power supply, Xiaomi 10000mah mobile power supply 50W super flash charging version are also used as the product of Tianyu fp6606c series fast charging chip. Si power's high-performance, low-power switching power supply control chip sp6638hf, with built-in primary switch MOS, is used for the scheme of power less than 18W. Sp6638hf is the first 18W fast charging chip with built-in MOS supporting constant power mode in China, which adopts industry-leading 3D packaging technology. Matching synchronous rectifier chip sp6518f: built in 80V / 10m Ω Low voltage MOS, with self powered mode, perfect support for PPS.

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Si power silicon power synchronous rectifier chip sp6518f. This is a high performance secondary side synchronous rectification control circuit of switching power supply. In the application of low-voltage and high current switching power supply, it is an ideal solution for ultra-low conduction voltage drop rectifier.
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The chip can support up to 150kHz switching frequency applications, and support CCM / QR / DCM and other switching mode applications. Its extremely low conduction voltage loss is far less than that of Schottky diode, which greatly improves the conversion efficiency of the system and greatly reduces the temperature of the rectifier. In addition, the chip has a 80V nMOSFET synchronous rectifier switch, and has a very low internal resistance. The typical RDSON is as low as 10m Ω, It can provide up to 3A application output of the system; Also built in high voltage direct detection technology, withstand voltage up to 200V; And self power supply technology greatly expands the application range of output voltage.

According to the charging head network, the products that use silicon power fast charging chip include xinsibao 18W USB PD fast charging charger, lvjuneng 18W USB PD dual port charger, rofi Moco G-Power final terminator three in one wireless power bank, etc.

Summary of dismantling charging head net
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The 18W PD fast charging charger body shell of huacolon adopts bright surface baking paint treatment process, with smooth arc surface transition between each side, good hand feeling, and the whole charger is small and light. The C port supports qc2.0/3.0, AFC and FCP fast charging protocols with good compatibility. It also supports USB pd3.0 fast charging standard and has three fixed voltage ranges of 5 / 9 / 12V. 18W fast charging power can meet the charging demand of most electronic products on the market.

Through the disassembly of the charging head network, it is found that the charger adopts a full set of AC-DC solutions of silicon power sp6638hf + sp6518f. Both chips have built-in MOS tubes. This solution has a self powered working mode and can perfectly support PPS. In addition, Tianyu's fp6606c PD protocol IC and Infineon MOS are also used, with solid materials. The internal components of the charger are tightly welded and fixed with glue, which enhances the internal stability.