Disassembly of oppo 50W super vooc super flash charger vca5jach

As the representative of low-voltage fast charging, oppo's vooc flash charging led the trend of a generation of domestic fast charging. With the development of the market, people put forward higher requirements for fast charging power, and super vooc super flash charging came into being.

Compared with vooc flash charging, super vooc super flash charging improves the power from 5V / 4A, 20W to 10V / 5A, 50W, once again occupying the top of fast charging technology. This issue brings you the dismantling of oppo super vooc super flash charger vca5jach.
1、 Oppo super vooc super flash charger appearance

The front of the packaging box is printed with the appearance picture of the product and the word super vooc. On the back is the product parameter information:
Oppo super flash charging power adapter
Model: vca5jach
Input: 100v-240v ~ 50 / 60Hz 1.5A
Output: 5V / 2A or 10V / 5A Max
Entrusted party: Huizhou Jinhu Industrial Development Co., Ltd
Client: oppo Guangdong Mobile Communication Co., Ltd
The charger has a white shell, and the piano has a glossy finish. Equipped with medium size power plug, non foldable design, the overall shape of the charger is mellow, and the front is printed with eye-catching super vooc words.
From left to right, there are 50W super vooc super flash charger, new vooc flash charger, old vooc flash charger and 50W super vooc super flash charger. From the figure, the volume difference between super vooc super flash charger and conventional vooc flash charger is not big, and it is almost difficult to detect without comparison.

Super vooc super flash charging still uses usb-a socket output, but the interface rubber core is changed to orange to distinguish.
The oval shell area where the power plug is located is light gray, and the shape is the same as vc54jbch. It is also the OEM of Huizhou Jinhu Industrial Development Co., Ltd. the radium carving has CCC safety certification mark and CN product serial number.
2、 Disassembly of oppo super vooc super flash charger
Ultrasonic welding process shell, non-destructive opening.
The layout of the original is basically the same as that of oppo's new 20W vooc flash charger. However, due to the improvement of power, the volume of internal components has also increased. The gap of large components is filled with a lot of white thermal conductive silica gel, which is used to strengthen the fixation and auxiliary heat dissipation.
There is a thin sponge on the inner side of the half shell corresponding to the position of the high voltage electrolytic capacitor, which can be used for shock absorption, and can also be used to absorb the leaked electrolyte when the capacitor bursts unexpectedly.
The shell material is flame retardant PC engineering plastic.
Remove the thermal silicone.
The input end of AC power supply adopts thick red and black silica gel cord, which is riveted to the pin and fixed with silica gel, so it is firm and reliable.
The input terminal is a delay fuse and a surge suppression resistor between the two wires.
Two Y capacitors, two large electrolytic capacitors, synchronous rectifiers and X capacitors.
Summary of charging head network

Oppo 50W super vooc super flash charger uses the sc1738c (similar to the high-voltage and high current upgrade version of inn2005k) scheme customized by PI company, and enhances the independent auxiliary cooling measures, with the customized vooc flash charging control chip rk825 to provide multiple security guarantees.

Although the voltage on the surface has doubled, unlike other high voltage fast charging protocols, oppo uses double core series, voltage sharing and current stabilizing technology at the mobile phone end. It is essentially the same as vooc flash charging, which belongs to low voltage and high current fast charging. At the same time, the voltage and current of each cell core can not exceed 5v/5a, which can increase the charging efficiency by times at high power. Meanwhile, oppo designed an independent step-down chip, which can control voltage and current accurately and guarantee stable output by reverse application of charge pump technology.

With the more powerful super vooc super flash charging technology, the mobile phone can charge 40% of the power in 10 minutes, and truly charge for 5 minutes and talk for 5 hours.