Detailed explanation of charger CB certification

With the vigorous development of China's charger industry, China's chargers are exported to overseas countries and regions, many merchants will choose to use CB certification to transfer the safety certification of the export place. M certification is a professional certification agency, the following is to introduce you to apply for CB certification charger.

1、 Charger application for CB certification standard

When the charger applies for CB certification, the charged core needs to be tested according to IEC 62133 standard to obtain corresponding certificate, and the whole charger needs to be tested according to IEC 62368 standard to obtain CB certificate.
2、 Charger CB certification test project

The test items of charger applying for CB certification include: basic performance test, environmental test, electrical characteristics, basic safety, safety test, mechanical strength test, etc. (specifically including drop, impact, stability, temperature rise, capacitance discharge, insulation resistance, national difference design, etc.).

3、 Charger application for CB certification process

1) Data and sample audit;

2) Formal opening of the case;

3) Testing;

4) Report preparation;

5) Submit the certificate;