Deep disassembly of Huawei 40W super fast charging vertical wireless charger: Amazing workmanship

At 21:00 on March 26, 2020, Huawei P40 series global online conference launched three models: P40, P40 pro and P40 PRO +. Among them, Huawei P40 PRO + is equipped with 40W super power wireless super fast charging, and P40 Pro is equipped with 27W wireless fast charging. At the same time, the two models also support reverse wireless charging, which can charge other mobile phones and TWS headphones.

In order to make Huawei P40 PRO + Realize 40W wireless charging, Huawei also launched a new 40W super fast charging Wireless charger. The product adopts vertical design, and is equipped with two coils, whether the mobile phone is placed vertically or horizontally, it can be charged wirelessly. Charging head network ordered this product at the first time, and then we will share the internal disassembly of Huawei 40W super fast charging Wireless charger.

1、 Appearance of Huawei 40W super fast charging vertical wireless charger

Huawei 40W super fast charging Wireless charger adopts Huawei family style outer packing box with white simple design and product picture printed on the front. Product selling point: Maximum Power 40W wireless fast charging, intelligent double coil induction, through the German Rhine safety fast charging certification.

There are also selling points and parameters on the back of the box.

The inner products of the packing box are fixed and buffered by paper lining, so the protection is in place.

The charging head network purchased the version without charger and charging cable. In addition, Huawei also has a version including charger and charging cable, which you can buy according to your own needs.

Huawei 40W super fast charging vertical wireless charger body is mainly composed of two parts. The main part is made of aluminum alloy, anodized and sandblasted, with extremely delicate handle. The front is equipped with high gloss glass, which is integrated with aluminum finance. The base is made of PC.

The front bottom is used to support the mobile phone with an arc groove, and is pasted with a silicone anti-skid pad to protect the mobile phone. Between the glass and the arc groove is a heat dissipation air outlet.

Both sides of the high gloss glass have raised frame design, and the bottom fan blow air flows between the back shell of the mobile phone and the glass panel to take away heat.

The usb-c interface is set at the back and bottom of the base.

Close up of usb-c interface.

The bottom of the wireless charger has a large area of holes, and the edge of the four silica gel anti-skid pad will pad it up to facilitate the inhalation of outside cold air and enhance the heat dissipation effect. Product parameters are printed on both sides of the opening, model: cp62; Input interface: USB type-C, input support 5-20v, the maximum current is 5a, the product has passed the WPC wireless charger alliance Qi certification.

Through the cooling hole, you can vaguely see the internal cooling fan.

Huawei's latest 65W USB PD fast charging charger is used to supply power. The no-load voltage, current and no-load power of the wireless charger measured by chargerlab power-z km001c are 11.97v, 0.02A and 0.25W respectively.

Use Huawei 40W super fast charging Wireless charger to charge Huawei mate30. The mobile phone shows that it is in super fast charging state. At this time, the indicator light at the bottom of the wireless charger is on.

The input voltage of chargerlab power-z km001c is 16.43v, the current is 1.96a, the power is about 32.22w, and the 27W wireless fast charging mode is turned on.

When the mobile phone is placed horizontally, the super fast charging Wireless charging mode can still be turned on.

2、 Dismantling of Huawei 40W super fast charging vertical wireless charger

The design of Huawei 40W super fast charging Wireless charger is very ingenious. There is no screw under the anti-skid pad on the base, and the whole base shell is bonded together by double-sided adhesive tape. After removing the base shell, you can see a cooling fan. The Yellow PCB next to it is a special small board for usb-c interface, which is fixed on the shell. The cable is very wide and is used to pass large current.

Remove the cooling fan and install the air guide slot on the back to supply air to the panel. The inside of the base is the main control PCB board, and the capacitor on it is reinforced with silica gel.

Close up of centrifugal cooling fan and air duct.

The PCB board inside the base is U-shaped according to the shape of the base, green PCB board, edge through-hole wrapping and gold deposition.

After the base is disassembled, the wireless charging can not be completely disassembled, so continue to open the front panel. There are two wireless charging transmitting coils below, and each coil has a thermistor in the middle for temperature monitoring.

The shell of the coil part is made of aluminum alloy and the base is made of plastic. The two parts are assembled together by two screws. However, these two screws are located under the magnetic separator of the coil, which is very difficult to disassemble.

Originally, we wanted to have a non-destructive disassembly, but due to the extremely tight fit between the magnetic separator and the metal shell, the magnetic separator was broken during the disassembly process.

In any case, the two parts of the shell were successfully separated. The two coils and the thermal probe pass through the opening of the metal shell and are welded on the PCB board.

FPC flexible circuit board is used to connect the input end of PCB board with usb-c interface; There are two control chips on the back, one is sc8701, the other is cps7101. There is a chip inductor in the upper right corner for voltage raising and voltage lowering. Eight MOS transistors below the inductor constitute a wireless charging driving and switching circuit, which is controlled by the main control chip of easy charging Wireless, and is used for switching and driving two groups of coils. PCB edge through-hole wrapping, blocking electromagnetic radiation.

Summary of charging head network

In terms of appearance, Huawei 40W super fast charging vertical wireless charger adopts a new design, which perfectly combines metal material, PC material and high gloss glass, and exudes a full sense of technology. It is understood that Huawei has only launched horizontal wireless charger and vehicle wireless charging bracket before, so the launch of this vertical wireless charger has further enriched Huawei's accessories in this field, and users have more choices.

Through the disassembly of charging head network head, it is found that Huawei 40W super fast charging vertical wireless charger adopts double coil design, and PCB board design is very simple. This is also due to the adoption of high integration wireless charging SOC of easy impact semiconductor. One chip realizes the control of two coils, and supports 40W wireless fast charging under Huawei private protocol. At the same time, the South core sc8701 is used as the power supply center of the wireless charging module, so that the wireless charger can support PD power supply and 5-20v input voltage, so as to achieve the effect of no charger.

In order to solve the heating problem of wireless charging and mobile phone when working at high power, this wireless charger is also equipped with an active cooling system, which can strengthen the air convection between the coil and mobile phone through the fan, so as to play the role of cooling. The whole product is exquisite in materials, reasonable in design, and the manufacturing process also belongs to the first-class level in the industry.