Dare to think, dare to do, forge ahead, Xiaomi 20W intelligent tracking wireless charger dismantling

On August 11, Lei Jun held a public speech on the 10th anniversary of Xiaomi, and released a commemorative version of Xiaomi 10 mobile phone that supports 120W wired fast charging and 50W wireless fast charging. At the same time, various accessories such as Xiaomi 1a1c 100W fast charging car charger and Xiaomi 20W intelligent tracking wireless charger also appeared on the show.

This product adopts a large panel design. One is that users can place their mobile phones for wireless charging. In addition, two devices can be placed at the same time. One of them can automatically charge the other when it is full, which is intelligent and convenient. The maximum output power of the product is 20W, compatible with Qi wireless charging standard, and can serve the vast majority of digital products on the market. Next, the charging head network will be disassembled in detail to see how the internal design works.

1、 Xiaomi intelligent tracking wireless charger

Mi brand logo, product appearance diagram and name are set on the top of the product packaging box. The design is simple, with prominent features and strong Xiaomi family style.

On the side of the box, there is information about product parameters.

The packaging box adopts the design of heaven and earth cover, and the interior is almost occupied by Xiaomi intelligent tracking wireless charger.

Take out the wireless charger, and there are two grooves under it to place the charger and the data cable respectively.

List of all things in the package, including wireless charging set and Three Guarantees certificate.

The attached charging head continues the design style of Xiaomi family charger. It adopts PC flame retardant material, white shell, piano baking paint treatment on the surface, arc transition between all sides of the waist, no logo or logo on the body, so the design is very simple.

The input end is equipped with fixed GB pin, and the parameter information of charger is marked on the shell

Model: mdy-10-ex

Input: 100-240Vac, 50 / 60Hz, 1.2A

Output: 5v3a, 9v3a, 10v4a max, 20v2.25a Max

Manufacturer: Celcon (Guigang) Co., Ltd

The charger has passed 3C certification

The attached a to C data line is about 1 meter long.

The main body of the product is made of PC flame retardant white shell, the front and rear ends are silver bevels, the two sides are semicircular arc design, the surface of the fuselage shell is matte, smooth and has skin like feel, and the overall design style is simple.

There is a layer of transparent plastic film on the top of the fuselage, on which the wireless charging area is circled with dotted lines, so the design is intimate.

The front end of the fuselage is pasted with a silver decorative plate.

The back end is sprayed with silver paint, which makes the front and rear ends of the product symmetrical and increases the aesthetic feeling. In addition, there is a usb-c power supply interface.

Close up of usb-c port, black rubber core, no copper exposure.

An assembly seam can be seen on the side of the fuselage, and the polycarbonate shell is closely spliced.

Round rubber pads are set at the four corners of the bottom to prevent slipping and abrasion of the bottom of the shell. In addition, the parameter information of the product is also marked

Product Name: Xiaomi intelligent tracking wireless charger 20W

Product model: mdy-12-ee

Applicable models: mi9, mi9 Pro 5g, mi10 pro, mi10 supreme Commemorative Edition

Input: 5v-20v 2.25A Max

Output: 20W Max

Product material: PC

Manufacturer: Xiaomi Communication Technology Co., Ltd

Manufacturer: Kunshan liantao Electronics Co., Ltd

The length of Xiaomi intelligent tracking wireless charger measured by vernier caliper is 194.27mm.

The width is 180.42mm.

The thickness is 13.12mm. Compared with the size of the ipad Mini 5, the length of the two is the same, and the wireless size should be wider.

The thickness of the fuselage is about half the diameter of a dollar coin.

Compared with Xiaomi's autobiography "never move forward", the fuselage is thinner. The top commemorative version of Xiaomi 10 supports 50W Wireless Flash charging (it needs to cooperate with Xiaomi 55W vertical air-cooled wireless charging accessories), and uses Xiaomi tracking wireless charging to charge it. The output power of usb-a port is 14.8V 1.6A 23.7w. In addition, it can be used for wireless charging of Xiaomi 10 pro and Xiaomi 9, and the charging power can reach 20W.

2、 Xiaomi intelligent tracking wireless charger

The fuselage shell is disassembled, and the edge is sealed with snap.

The bottom shell is provided with a wireless charging module, two motor driving screws and two horizontal and vertical sliding mechanisms. The two motors drive the screw to move the wireless charging coil to the corresponding area to charge the mobile phone. There is a yellow induction PCB board fixed on the top fuselage shell, which is equipped with induction circuit and motor control circuit. In addition, the board is also equipped with the wiring connecting the wireless charging circuit board and the driving motor. The plug-in design is very convenient for assembly.

iPhone 12 charger

The usb-c controller adopts cypress cypd3171. Cypd3171 is the third generation product of cypress ccg3pa. It has built-in arm Cortex-M0 processor, 64KB flash, 8KB SRAM, and supports qc4.0, apple 2.4a, AFC, bc1.2 and other charging protocols.

Summary of dismantling charging head net

The body of Xiaomi 20W intelligent tracking wireless charger is square and flat, which can easily accommodate two mobile phones to charge one by one. Moreover, the large panel design makes charging more convenient. Once you put it away, it can automatically align, charge wirelessly, and keep a good mood for a day. Although the products are labeled mi9, mi9 Pro 5g, mi10 pro and mi10 supreme commemorative edition as applicable models, in fact, after testing, they can also carry out 20W wireless charging, and the products are also compatible with Qi wireless charging standard, and can also be used for other devices supporting wireless charging.

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Through the disassembly of the charging head network, we know that the internal structure of the product is very clear. The upper layer is equipped with a yellow induction board and a motor control circuit. By sensing the position of the mobile phone, the motor can adjust the coil position accordingly. The lower layer is equipped with wireless charging function module, which adopts the high integrated wireless charging scheme of Shanghai Voda semiconductor nu1513 + nu1020, with simple circuit and perfect function; In addition, the usb-c input is controlled by cypress cypd3171.

In terms of workmanship, the USB bus base is welded through holes, the wireless charging circuit board is equipped with shielding cover, the motor and sliding iron plate are coated with lubricating oil to ensure smooth operation, the wireless charging coil is tightly wound, and the PCB board is manufactured by Lixun, a large manufacturer, which is solid and reliable as a whole.